Babylonian Beard Wax

Babylonian Beard Wax-A nourishing beard and Moustache styling balm with the amber aroma of whole Frankincense & Labdanum resins.

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Made with fresh whole resins of Frankincense and Labdanum. (Not just the essential oils), this beard and moustache styling wax helps tame, shape and condition larger moustaches and beards without making them looking stiff or forced.

Babylonian Beard Wax highlights a beard's natural waves, ripples and colour variations while shaping it to your preference.
With a heavy dose of raw Lanolin, Castor oil and Vitamin E., it softens, nourishes and rehydrates facial hair and skin with each application.

Whole resins have a secret power the ancients knew well and used to their advantage. Resins such as Frankincense and Labdanum have the ability to gently and naturally "Perm" our hair, requiring very little product to maintain the style and shape of facial hair. It creates a look that is natural and not held in place with a heavy layer of wax.
The Amber fragrance of BBW is a result of the natural materials it is made of. These include fresh raw beeswax, Lanolin, fresh, fragrant whole Frankincense & Labdanum resins. I have added no essential oils preservatives, colours or fragrance oils.
This batch of Babylonian Beard Wax contains a little bit of Tonka bean extracted in Frankincense essential oil, (New mown hay scent).

Babylonian Beard Wax has a deep Amber, spicy/woody, warm, masculine scent. I have found that the scent of Labdanum in one's beard draws people in. It makes me lift my beard up to my nose when no one is looking so I can inhale the scent of this ancient aromatic. Rich and warm without being overwhelming, its fragrance is exotic, yet familiar.

These ingredients were known in ancient Mesopotamia and were used extensively by the Babylonian, Sumerian, Akkadian and Assyrian upper class and royalty to style and care for their facial hair. The rippled and stylized facial hair we see portrayed in many ancient stone carvings is attributed to the widespread use of Labdanum. (See photos above).

As I have mentioned in my posts, saps and tree oleoresins act as "perming" and training agents that can help set facial hair to any desired shape, requiring less and less grooming products to hold hairs in place.

After working Babylonian Beard Wax into the hair, one can simply style with one's fingers, a comb or brush and leave it for the day. Once the wax is washed out with warm water and mild soap the hair is "set" and requires very little wax to maintain its new shape. This also means the hair looks naturally contoured and not stiff from wax.

Babylonian Beard wax also makes an ideal nighttime dressing that works to set the beard just as one wishes. As did the Babylonians, one can braid a beard tightly, (tie the ends with a bit of string or wire), let it set overnight and remove the braids when rising to reveal a rippled or waved pattern as in the classic depictions of Babylonian Kings and Gods.

The tighter the braid, the sharper the ripples will be. This "perm" will hold for days even after washing. Bits of copper and silver wire were found in the tombs of rich Babylonians leading researchers to assume they were used to both adorn and style facial hair.

It should also be mentioned, one should not apply Babylonian Beard Wax before bed unless it is set in the desired shape. We can just as easily wake up to an unruly, windblown shape, leaving us to fight with it for the rest of the day.

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Love this wax, smells awesome and has good hold. Makes my beard nice and soft, too. Shop owner is GREAT to deal with!"

"Another satisfying purchase. I love this stuff and will continue to purchase when I run out. This wax smells great, feels soft, allows for easy styling, and holds well. I can't say enough good things. Thank you!"

"What a scent! Masculine yet not overpowering & certainly not typical. Very smooth, easy to use."

"Great hold - as a person with a naturally very curly beard this product gives the best hold of any beard waxes I have used - thanks

Materials: Lanolin, Fresh Beeswax, Vitamin E, Labdanum resin, Frankincense Frereana, Castor Oil.

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Elian (Ashburn, US)
I'm a repeat customer. These are my favour...

I'm a repeat customer. These are my favourite brand of moustache wax! Great hold, great aroma.

Blair (Ashburn, US)
I suspect this is a really useful item but...

I suspect this is a really useful item but it wasn't what I was hoping for. The wax is really hard and it didn't really accomplish what I wanted. Shipping took exceptionally long.

Marlene (Ashburn, US)
The Babylonian Beard Wax has such a lovely...

The Babylonian Beard Wax has such a lovely, rich scent. I have been using it for a week now and I must say it has been a terrific help in managing stray hairs in the beard and shaping the mustache.

I can't corroborate the claims that it helps impart a slight relaxed perm to the beard but since everything else has been accurate I'll assume 5-7 uses simply isn't enough to impart a noticeable wave to the beard. I'll return to update the review if I get a glorious Assyrian beard worthy of a statue.

Wilburn (Ashburn, US)
Great smelling wax and super for beards....

Great smelling wax and super for beards. It is very thick/hard and takes some rubbing in fingers to get soft but when applied it really keeps beard tame. Highly recommend!!!

Jermaine (Ashburn, US)
Amazing smell, I didn't know the can would...

Amazing smell, I didn't know the can would be this small but still a Great product