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  • Atlas Cedar chips

    There is no mistaking the fragrance of Atlas Cedar Chips. If you have smelled the essential oil even once, you will recognize its unique aroma immediately.

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    For many applications, cedarwood shavings and chips are a more practical, sustainable and conscientious choice than the essential oil of Atlas Cedarwood.

    Our Atlas Cedarwood trees are being felled for the essential oil market faster than they can grow. Finding alternatives to Atlas Cedarwood essential oil is more important now than ever before.

    One of the biggest drawbacks to using Atlas Cedar essential oil is that Vast quantities of cedar wood are required to distill a small amount of essential oil. In some cases, a small amount of fresh cedar chips can replace the essential oil, making this an excellent material for incense, potpourri, sachets, steam inhalations and perfume tinctures.

    The fragrance profile of the wood chips is more complex than the distilled essential oil which is often processed under high pressure and high temperature, losing some of its more volatile and delicate aromatic components in the process.
    For this reason, the chips could make a valuable perfume tincture that is richer and more distinguished than the commercial essential oil of Atlas Cedar.

    The ability of the wood of this tree to retain its fragrance for years is well-known. Thus we find cedar chests and cabinets, often decades old, still retain their aroma. The chips will keep for a long period of time in the resealable pouches they came in. Just make sure to keep them out of direct sunlight in a relatively dark, dry and cool place.

    When preparing loose or formed incense, the chips can easily be powdered in an electric coffee or herb grinder.

    The situation is dire around the world and many of our medicinal and aromatic plants are fast disappearing.

    Please Note--Our Ounces are not the 25 grams that most sellers offer, but 30 grams and all helpers in the shop have standing orders to ALWAYS put a little extra in each and every bag and NEVER less. Our regular customers have come to rely on this. So if your formula calls for an accurate amount of an aromatic material, please weigh our products before using them. You will find there is always a bit more.


    Materials: Atlas Cedar, Cedarwood Chips.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews
    Bonnie Kerr (Victoriaville, CA)
    Atlas Cedar, as good as Sandalwood in incense

    Thousand of years ago, the Phoenicians made sailing ships out of Atlas Cedar. It was what changed the course of history. Because their timber did not rot because it contained so much essential oil. The Phoenicians became the mercantile kings of the ancient world. Can you imagine the fragrant breeze?!?! Dan has brought us a beautiful fragrant Atlas Cedar that is relaxing and helps to reduce stress. The wood chips are great for holding perfume when making Bakhoor type incense, as an incense by itself or blended with Frankincense, Myrrh and/or Labdanum.

    Nicole D (Ashburn, US)
    This review has no content.

    This review has no content.

    A Fleur De Piel Perfum Parker (Ashburn, US)
    Smells super strong, perfect for tincturin...

    Smells super strong, perfect for tincturing!

    Isavella Mcglynn (Ashburn, US)
    Excellent, super fragrant cedar chips that...

    Excellent, super fragrant cedar chips that I use to make incense blends. I've purchased cedar chips from several places — it can be tough to find cedar with enough scent left in it to but this is great quality! I also purchased several different resins from this shop and everything was amazing. I will be back for more.

    Aakasha Krajcik (Ashburn, US)
    It really smells great and burns well

    It really smells great and burns well