Copal Blanco Resin

Copal Blanco, White Copal, Sacred Copal, Premium grade and fresh resin from Bursera bipinnata. A traditional Mexican incense resin used in rites, rituals and ceremonies for thousands of years.

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Copal Blanco is used extensively in churches during the year, White Copal is best known for its use in Mexican Day of the Dead ceremonies and celebrations, where the smoke of burning Copal is seen as an offering and helps raise one's prayers to the Divine. The pillar of Copal incense smoke is also believed to act as a beacon, leading the ancestral spirits home.

Fresh Copal Blanco has a sweet lemony scent. Burned on the coal it raises a beautiful, thick column of gentle, soft smoke with sweet hints of burnt caramel and soft ethereal floral notes.

Copal Blanco melts completely into the charcoal and contains no water-soluble-gum as do many other incense resins. This lends softness to its smoke but also means one should be careful to not add too much to the charcoal all at once or the pooling liquid resin may extinguish your coal.

Copal Blanco/Bursera bipinnata is a member of the Burseracaea family of trees. Also called Torchwood trees and the Incense tree family. It is related to Frankincense, Myrrh, Elemi and many other fragrant resin bearing trees used for incense and perfume.

As with many other resins of the Burseracaea family, Copal is also used in traditional medicine. It is often dissolved in oil and used to treat sore muscles and joints and an assortment of skin conditions.


Materials: Copal Blanco, White Copal, Bursera Bipinnata.

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Dakota (Ashburn, US)
I've never smelled copal before but I'm gl...

I've never smelled copal before but I'm glad I chose this one, it smells amazing! Really appreciate the extra sample

Hilda (Ashburn, US)
Beautiful resin. Beautiful smell. Burns we...

Beautiful resin. Beautiful smell. Burns well. Really good service. Arrived quickly. So happy to have found this seller x

Adam Sanford (Ashburn, US)
So fresh, it's sticky. Smells wonderful. F...

So fresh, it's sticky. Smells wonderful. Fast shipping. Great seller. Thank you.

Karena Leffler (Ashburn, US)
This is heavenly such a deep spirit.

This is heavenly such a deep spirit.

Charlotte T (Ashburn, US)
Everything is simply perfect! I am someone...

Everything is simply perfect! I am someone who enjoys using a lot but I don't need to because just a little bit of resin is powerful!
When my package came I was leaving my house so I grabbed it and it went in my car with me. Even unopened my car smelled like heaven for a week! I needed Dan's assistance with my order and he went over and beyond for me! I send Dan many wishes for all the goods ☀️