Galbanum Absolute

This listing is for Galbanum Absolute, sometimes referred to as a Resin Absolute. I prepare it from the fresh resin of the Ferula Gummosa plant which grows in Afghanistan

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Its fragrance is lovely, brisk, bright, bitter, dry, green and considered by some the aromatic epitome of green.

It is made from fresh semi-liquid resin and extracted with food-grade alcohol and no harsh chemicals.

The root of the Galbanum plant is scraped in the fall and for two or three weeks, the oozing resin is scraped off the plant in a semi-liquid form, packed and shipped in clay containers.

This liquid resin contains solid and liquid resin along with bits of plant material, dirt and other foreign objects.

I wash it with pure alcohol, and after macerating for 12 weeks, it is filtered, creating a crystal-clear reddish liquid tincture.
The tincture is then processed at a very low temperature under a vacuum to collect only the alcohol and leave behind all the aromatic compounds.

Galbanum absolute has a more intense, richer, deeper and complex aromatic profile than Galbanum essential oil since it contains all the aromatic compounds that distillation leaves behind.
Like many other resins, it is fixative in perfume and aromatic compositions.

Galbanum is one of the four essential ingredients of the Holy Incense mentioned in Exodus 30:34 and Ecclesiastes 24:14–15. It was one of the ingredients of Ketoret, the Jewish Holy Incense that was burned in the Tabernacle in the 1 st and 2nd Jewish Temple at Jerusalem.

It has been used for medicine since immemorial and is a component in ancient Egyptian Khyphi incense.

In traditional medicine systems, it is a Stimulant, expectorant, antispasmodic, antiflatulent, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiseptic. It is believed to stimulate digestion and enhance memory and brain function.

Galbanum is used in the making of modern perfumes and is the ingredient that gives the distinctive smell to the fragrances "Must" by Cartier, "Vent Vert" by Balmain, "Chanel No. 19" and "Vol De Nuit" by Guerlain.

The odour profile of Galbanum Absolute is ambery-green, sweet, balsamic, resinous with hints of freshness. It is one of a small number of green base notes of natural origin.

The family name Ferula refers to the sheath-like sleeve which "Clasps" the hollow stems of most of this family of perennial herbs. A term we still use today, ferrule.

Other members of the Ferula family include Ammoniacum, Asafoetida, Sumbul, (Muskroot), Giant Fennel and Ferula Hermonis, also known as Zallouh or Lebanese Viagra.



Materials: Ferula Galbaniflua, Galbanum, Alcohol.

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Lauren Reichel (Ashburn, US)
Quality product as always! Thank you!!

Quality product as always! Thank you!!

Manuel (Ashburn, US)
Ich liebe Galbanum, bin mir aber nicht sic...

Ich liebe Galbanum, bin mir aber nicht sicher ob es in alkoholischen Mischungen durchdringen kann. Nun, für sich genommen ein schönes Parfüm.

Ben Schinner (Ashburn, US)
Absolutely breathtaking. I've always had a...

Absolutely breathtaking. I've always had an allure for Galbanum & I'm so happy I gave this a chance, takes me to a whole new level :)

K. Rowe
What a delight! Game-changing material for...

What a delight! Game-changing material for any perfumer. Worlds deeper and richer than the essential oil, it's actually complex and complete enough to be worn neat as a perfume, like a good Oud or Santal. Will be ordering more of this!