Poplar bud Absolute

Poplar bud Absolute is the concentrated aromatic essence of Poplar Buds prepared with food-grade alcohol and no harsh chemicals as many other absolutes. It has a beautiful Amber-like aroma, is alcohol soluble, and is pourable

Sustainably harvested and fairly traded, Poplar bud Absolute is created by a woman whose connection with the land and the plants is legendary in my world. A magician, artist and artisan of the highest calibre. I am honoured to compliment my own work and products with hers. She is a Dryad who lives in a remote forest in a tiny magical house that is much bigger on the inside than the outside.

Balm of Gilead?-Though called in the West "Balm of Gilead", the buds of Poplar/Cottonwood trees are not the true Balm of Gilead from the Bible.
The original Balm of Gilead is believed to be Labdanum-Cistus creticus, which grows wild in the Gilead area of Biblical Israel. In the heat of the summer, its leaves exude an aromatic resin, a comforting sweet scent of the land carried on the wind, welcoming its sons and daughters back from their travels.

Though the scent of the resin-laden spring buds of the Poplar tree is similar in many ways to Labdanum, it has its own unique aroma and traditional medicinal properties. You can find Labdanum in the shop.

I can't describe the uses of Poplar Bud Absolute without first mentioning its magnetic and aphrodisiac properties, which I have experienced firsthand.
The aroma of Poplar bud Absolute is a mystical and softly erotic scent that blends naturally with the smell of one's skin. It is soft, seductive, compelling and difficult to ignore once inhaled. 

Like many other resinous products, Poplar Bud Absolute is a fixative in perfume formulas, extending the duration of more fleeting scents in a blend.


Materials: Populus Deltoides, Poplar Buds, Cottonwood Buds.

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Anna Emard (Ashburn, US)
The description made me order this out of...

The description made me order this out of curiosity, I had no idea how it would smell but I'm glad I did : it is a very comforting scent, sweet and mellow in a foresty way. This is quite unique, must try!

Wayne (Ashburn, US)
Perfect! Thank you so much!

Perfect! Thank you so much!

Ora (Ashburn, US)
Best of the best, i highly recommend

Best of the best, i highly recommend

Kaia (Ashburn, US)
Excellent shipping, great products! Thanks...

Excellent shipping, great products! Thanks!

Mariah (Ashburn, US)
I am beyond delighted with this purchase....

I am beyond delighted with this purchase. A few years ago I was in a natural area when something fell on my jacked from the tree above me. It was sticky and I picked it off my coat and immediately noticed a strong and intriguing scent. As it happened, I was standing beneath a Black Cottonwood and she dropped her beautiful resin on me like a gift. Since then, I've dreamed of that scent and have been on a journey to figure out how to wear it. I've found the answer. I've been wearing this scent since it arrived and I am in olfactory heaven!