Frankincense Rivae

Frankincense Rivae is likely my favourite type of Frankincense and never stays in the shop for long.

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It has a haunting, rich fragrance with a soft candy-like sweetness reminiscent of its distant cousin Palo Santo, (Bursera Graveolens). With a deep amber heart and a light, sweet spiciness, it is my go-to Frank in many of my blends and is a beautiful resin on the coal.

Like all others in its family this resin is ruled Astrologically by the Sun. Thus it is considered warming and strengthening to the heart and mind, grounding, cleansing and spiritually uplifting.

Boswellia Rivae has been used traditionally as an incense to cleanse the home, sanctify ceremonies and sacred spaces. Both the essential oil and oleoresin of Frankincense Rivae are ingredients in traditional Bakhoor incense mixes across the region.

The scent of Frankincense Rivae, though unmistakably that of Frankincense, stands out with a smooth complexity. It is one of the most vibrant Frankincense types I have come across. It lends itself beautifully to natural incense work and can be used in various cremes, salves and oils.

Boswellia Rivae, is an olfactory treat, a rare and unusual Frankincense that should not be missed.

You can find the essential oil of Frankincense Rivae that I distilled and the absolutely delicious Absolute of Frankincense Rivae in the shop.

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Materials: Wildcrafted Frankincense, Frankincense Rivae, Ogaden Frankincense.

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Polly (Ashburn, US)
I love this!! Amazing quality

I love this!! Amazing quality

L.P. (Brooklyn, US)

I love this so fresh and simply amazing!

Astrid (Ashburn, US)
This seller never disappoints! Shipped qui...

This seller never disappoints! Shipped quickly and received quicker than originally promised. High quality frankincense that smells so good. It is one of my favorites!

Earnestine (Ashburn, US)
Every order I've ever received is amazing,...

Every order I've ever received is amazing, I haven't ordered resins from anywhere else since I found this shop. 10/10 recommend.

Maiya (Ashburn, US)
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