Poplar Bud Oil-Balm of Gilead

Though Poplar Bud Oil is often called "Balm of Gilead", the buds of Poplar/Cottonwood trees are not the true Balm of Gilead from the Bible.

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The original Balm of Gilead is believed to be Labdanum-Cistus creticus, which grows wild in the Gilead area of Biblical Israel. In the heat of the summer, its leaves exude an aromatic resin, a comforting sweet scent of the land carried on the wind, welcoming its sons and daughters back from their travels.

Though the scent of the resin laden spring buds of the Poplar tree is similar in many ways to Labdanum, it has its own unique aroma and traditional medicinal properties. You can find Labdanum elsewhere in the shop.

We have 3 variations of this classic oil in the shop, a rich infusion in Organic Jojoba, Organic Olive oil and Fractionated Coconut oil. You can choose your preference in the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Sustainably harvested and fairly traded, this special balm is created by a woman whose connection with the land and the plants is legendary in my world. A magician, artist and artisan of the highest caliber. I am honored to compliment my shop with her products.

I can't describe the uses of Poplar Bud oil without first mentioning its magnetic and aphrodisiac properties which I have experienced first hand.
A dab of Poplar bud oil rubbed into the scalp creates a powerful attractant for both males and females, a mystical and softly erotic scent that blends naturally with the scent of one's scalp and hair. It is soft, seductive, compelling and difficult to ignore once inhaled. It does not broadcast itself like an artificial perfume but draws in those who have already been invited to one's personal space. A couple of drops can be rubbed between the fingers prior to massaging in the scalp.

Poplar Bud Oil works just as efficaciously on beards. Similar to a dab of Labdanum in one's beard, it magnetises and draws people closer.

Poplar oil makes an excellent massage oil or ingredient in a massage oil blend, lending a warm, grounding and balsamic aroma along with its medicinal virtues. Like many other resinous products, Poplar Bud oil is thought to act as a fixative, extending the duration of more fleeting scents in a blend.

It is traditionally used to address chapped, chafed and dry or cracked skin, chapped lips, mild burns, respiratory issues such as coughs, congestion and catarrh, while it comforts a sick or achy body with its grounding and soothing scent.

Poplar Bud Oil is commonly used on its own or in a blend to help alleviate muscle and joint pains and makes a soothing balm for haemorrhoids and piles.


Materials: Populus Deltoides, Poplar Buds, Vitamin E, Cottonwood Buds, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Hannah (Ashburn, US)
Beautiful scent..can't get enough of it!...

Beautiful scent..can't get enough of it! Will definitely purchase again!

Magdalena Vargova (Marseille, FR)
Beautiful smell

Ordered this in the past and I am so happy to have it again. Feels and smells delicious. Thank you for your great quality products 💓

Briana Predovic (Ashburn, US)
I made hand perfume with this. Smells grea...

I made hand perfume with this. Smells great

Monique Legros (Ashburn, US)
Arrived quickly. Great quality, mixed well...

Arrived quickly. Great quality, mixed well.

Maximillian Keeling (Ashburn, US)
This seller is an amazing crafter of beaut...

This seller is an amazing crafter of beautifully made things!