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Kataf Myrrh, also called scented Myrrh is a little-known cousin of mainstream Myrrh whose resin is an exudate that collects naturally on the bark of the tree which makes it a perfectly sustainable harvest.

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In the past, since there was no market for more obscure resins, many of the more unique Commiphora resins such as C. Kataf were used to bulk up the volume of Myrrh resin or Opoponax essential oil and add to the income of poor rural collectors.

Only recently have we started identifying Myrrh family trees with a focus on their aromatic resins and the fragrance profiles that distinguish them one from another.

Some, like Commiphora Confusa, Erythraea and Kataf, have such distinct and unique aromas and chemical makeup that their resins can be collected and sold or distilled separately creating completely new and unique products and extra income for remote communities of resin collectors

This new appreciation for species-specific Commiphora resins contributes to a broader and more reliable income for many poor, rural and pastoral collecting communities and takes some of the pressure off the mainstream Frankincense and Myrrh trees which in some cases are overharvested to meet our growing Western demand.

Though a member of the Myrrh family, Kataf Myrrh has a tart, green aroma with hints of licorice and desert Artemesia. Its fragrance on the coal is a dance of bitter, sweet, fruity and herbaceous notes with subtle highlights of mint and Camphor.

The resin of Kataf Myrrh is collected sustainably and without tapping. It appears naturally on the bark of the tree where it is collected by seminomadic shepherds and tribespeople.

Please note. Kataf Myrrh resin can come in very hard lumps. To break it into more manageable pieces, insert the nuggets into a Ziplok bag and tap with a hammer. When broken down sufficiently, {Make sure to inhale the aroma of the freshly exposed essential oils!), the resin can be returned to the resealable pouch we provide or any other relatively airtight container.

Astrologically, all the Myrrh species are ruled by the Moon. Though Myrrh, Commiphora Myrha/Molmol is associated with the sign of Cancer, each species likely has its own affinities and correspondences.


Materials: Commiphora Kataf Resin, Bisabol Myrrh, Sweet Myrrh.

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Annamarie (Ashburn, US)
Great quality and quick shipping

Great quality and quick shipping

C.P. (Ashburn, US)
I love this myrrh resin. It is unique amon...

I love this myrrh resin. It is unique among resins.

Kayla (Ashburn, US)
Beautiful smelling. Exotic and deep. Sweet...

Beautiful smelling. Exotic and deep. Sweet with a malty/maple syrup edge and a spicy medicinal follow through. This is not the typical Myrrh you will encounter. Worth the price. I'll buy more for sure. Seller has some incredible varieties. Seller also threw in an incredible sample of Frankincense. Super generous as it was 1 oz and that will go a long way. Just an incredible gesture. The variety and quality is so great there really isn't any reason to shop anywhere else for resin. Surprisingly the different interspecies varieties all smell different. So many choices. 5 stars!!!!

Nicole L (Ashburn, US)
All items shipped quickly and were high qu...

All items shipped quickly and were high quality. I made a wonderful oil infusion using the white frankincense and labdanum resins. Smells divine!! I won't buy from anyone else on etsy when it comes to resins. Thank you!

Ross Grady (Ashburn, US)
Great products as always, Dan.

Great products as always, Dan.