Fresh Myrrh resin. Commiphora Myrrha from the Ogaden region Ethiopia. For perfume, Medicine and Incense.

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There are fewer fair trade concerns with resins from Ethiopia compared to those from other countries since the Ethiopian government regulates the resin prices so collectors get a fair share, and they have been working for decades to address issues of sustainability in the resin trade there. They have set up programs to educate harvesters in sustainable methods of tapping and nurseries to supply young trees to resin harvesting areas. To the best of my knowledge, the tree's biggest threats in Ethiopia are agricultural encroachment, use for charcoal and the insects and pathogens that are their natural enemies.

Along with Frankincense, Myrrh is probably one of the most well-known natural resins in the world. Famous for its use since biblical times as a medicine, fragrance and incense, Myrrh has long been valued for its many medicinal applications and has been at times, worth its weight in gold. Literally.

This fresh batch of Myrrh is sourced from the semi-nomadic pastoralists who tend their herds in the Somali region of Ethiopia which till recently was named the "Ogaden" after one of the larger tribes in the area. This change of name came about only after years of conflict between the Somali population and the Ethiopian Government which was given this exclusively Muslim Somali territory by the British.

One of the most precious commodities in the ancient world, this aromatic oleoresin still keeps its value as a component in perfumes and incense, while medicinally, it is unsurpassed as a “heal-all” for oral care. A simple tincture of ground resin, or essential oil, in alcohol/water, added to a saline mouth rinse is one of the best treatments for oral issues.

Myrrh has been used internally and externally to treat a wide range of ailments in both traditional and contemporary medicine. I cannot legally share these uses here so I encourage you to research the "medicinal uses of Myrrh" online.

The name Myrrh is rooted in The Aramaic word for bitter. Mar, Mor. It lives up to its name with a wonderfully rich, sweet, stimulating bitterness. Some associate this with the names Mary, Miriam, and Mariam, and believe it to mean the bitter of the sea, the froth of the sea? (Sometimes associated with the Goddess Astarte, Ashtoreth). Either way, Myrrh is considered to be of a feminine nature, which is appropriate since Myrrh is ruled astrologically by the Moon and has an affinity with the fluid systems of our body. ( Frankincense is ruled by the Sun). It is interesting to note that it has also been used to regulate menstrual flow.

To prepare a simple mouthwash  one can place a half teaspoon of Myrrh, crushed or ground in a cup, add boiling water and let sit till cool. It can then be swished in the mouth, or gargled repeatedly during the day. A quarter teaspoon of sea salt can also be added to this mix.

For instructions on making your own tincture of Myrrh for oral care, please see my post,

Materials: Fresh Myrrh resin, Commiphora Myrrha.

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Thank you satisfied with the product

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Amazing! I freaking love it! I'll be purchasing more very soon!

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Beautiful scent, very fast shipping