Galbanum Tears

This listing is for the tears of Galbanum-Ferula Gummosa which grows from Afghanistan up to Turkistan and Kazakhstan in the north. The tears are much easier to work with than the resin when preparing incense.

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Usually sold as a sticky mass, this material is in the form of dry tears much like Frankincense, Myrrh and other familiar resins.

It has a unique green/earthy aroma on the coal and the essential oil has a rare complex dry perfume to it with hints of green.

Since it has not been processed, you will come across seeds, twigs and the occasional bit of bark.

It can be used in incense, tinctured in alcohol for perfume work or infused in oils. You can make your own Galbanum absolute by evaporating the alcohol after tincturing and filtering.

Like many other resins, it is fixative in perfume and aromatic compositions.

This Galbanum has a slightly different fragrance profile than the sticky resin in the shop. The green notes are not as front and center pungent and appear as soft sweet green secondary notes. It may be from one of the alternative species from which Galbanum is collected. perhaps Ferula rubricaulis. However, it is impossible to ascertain the exact species without seeing the plant.

Galbanum is one of the four essential ingredients of the Holy Incense mentioned in Exodus 30:34 and Ecclesiastes 24:14–15. It was one of the ingredients of Ketoret, the Jewish Holy Incense that was burned in the Tabernacle in the 1 st and 2nd Jewish Temple at Jerusalem.

It has been used for medicine since time immemorial and can be found in recipes for ancient Egyptian Khyphi incense.

Its odour profile is amber, sweet, and balsamic, with hints of fresh, sweet green notes. It is one of a few natural green base notes

The family name Ferula refers to the sheath-like sleeve, which "Clasps" the hollow stems of most of this family of perennial herbs. A term we still use today, ferrule.

Other members of the Ferula family include Ammoniacum, Asafoetida, Sumbul, (Muskroot), Giant Fennel and Ferula Hermonis, also known as Zallouh or Lebanese Viagra.



Materials: Ferula Galbaniflua, Galbanum, Ferula Rubricaulis, Galbanum tears.

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Thank you very much! Great quality and fast shipping.

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Super fresh and very fragrant!

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A rare incense and so one can expect a small amount. Hard to find and from AFHGHANISTAN so may take some time to arrive. I heartily appreciate getting products from war-torn parts of our world and enjoy supporting the craftspersons from there. Very happy with product!

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Matched all my expectations and was perfect!

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lots and lots of smoke