Labdanum-Balm of Gilead

Labdanum resin is an ancient and well-known perfume and incense ingredient used as the base for many centuries for Amber-type fragrances.

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Labdanum is often a core ingredient in Chypre, and Oriental style perfumes.

Some consider Labdanum resin the "Balm of Gilead" referred to in the Old Testament since this sweet-smelling and comforting aromatic grows in the ancient territory of "Gilead" in Israel.
Labdanum Resin is also considered one of the ingredients in the sacred temple incense, "Ktoreth".

As described in my blog post,, Labdanum Resin has been in use for thousands of years for fragrance, medicine, incense and grooming. No one can resist a beard that Labdanum has touched.

2 types of Labdanum are currently available on the global market, the western Mediterranean Cistus Ladanifer and the Eastern Mediterranean Cistus Creticus.

This is the "Spanish, or Western Mediterranean Labdanum Resin and is most often grown as an annual plant and cut to the ground in late summer or early fall. The branches are boiled, and the raw resin floats to the top of the barrel, where it is collected and shipped elsewhere for processing.

Much of the Labdanum on the market is from this source, most often bought by consumers as a resinoid after solvent extraction, even though it is usually sold as the essential oil of Labdanum.

Those who collect Frankincense, Labdanum, Myrrh and many other traditional wild harvests are ideally suited and positioned to care for our fragrant and medicinal natural resources. We have poorly managed them till now, and they are quickly declining all over the world, even as our consumption increases. By purchasing from traditional harvesters, we can contribute to a responsible and sustainable model of economics and ensure that these natural treasures are thriving still in decades to come.

If your resin is sticky, removing it from the plastic wrapper may be difficult. My trick and workaround is to place the bag in the fridge or freezer for 15-30 minutes before attempting to separate it from its package. After chilling, it will detach easily and without leaving any material stuck to the wrapper.

Materials: Labdanum, oleoresin, essential oils, resin. Cistus Ladanifer

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Thank you. I appreciate that you sent the...

Thank you. I appreciate that you sent these so quicky

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Amazing quality, I will continue to use this shop.

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Exquisite. It's what you're looking for. Deep, animal, luxurious, evocative, lingering, sensual— honey-molasses-vanilla-burnt caramel, but so much more.

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Love it it smells nice

Love it it smells nice

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Nicely packaged, very much the deeply rich scent I expected.