Mount Atlas Mastic

Mount Atlas Mastic is the fresh liquid oleoresin of the Mount Atlas Mastic tree, Pistacia Atlantica. It is collected in small clay cups that are affixed to the bark of the tree.

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It is an entirely sustainable harvest. Many of these trees are hundreds of years old, healthy, thriving and tapped yearly in the traditional manner.

The resin possesses a lovely blue/green colour when first collected. This novel colour fades somewhat over time but one can still see green tones in this shipment of fresh oleoresin.

Mount Atlas Mastic is a species of Pistacia/Pistacio and kin to the Chios Mastic tree and Pistacia vera that delivers our yummy Pistachio nuts. Though the nuts of Pistacia Atlantica are not as easily edible as the Pistachio they abound with nourishing and therapeutic compounds.
This tree provides a plethora of ancient traditional medicines and the resin is a lovely balm, perfume and incense ingredient.

Growing from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco to the Zagros mountains in Persia, Mount Atlas Pistacia is considered by many to be the Terebinth tree referred to in the old Testament. Though there is a separate species of Pistacia named Pistacia terebinthum, it is much smaller in stature and yields very little resin compared to the Pistacia Atlantica.
Some of the oldest and largest trees standing in Israel are Pistacia Atlantica, which are thought to be the "Elah" tree referred to in the old testament.

The resin from the Mount Atlas Mastic tree is considered the original source of turpentine/Terebinth, which was later collected from Pine trees.

All parts of the Mount Atlas Mastic tree have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. Ibn Sina (Avicenna), writes extensively about the healing properties of the Mount Atlas Mastic tree. It is a mainstay of ancient Greek, traditional Unani, Islamic, Persian, and other medicinal systems. Edible and medicinal oil is pressed from the ripe fruit, while leaf fruit, resin and oleoresin are all used in traditional medicine.
The list of therapeutic applications is extensive and well worth researching online..

Pistacia Atlantica oleoresin has been traditionally used to address ulcers, dyspepsia, respiratory, musculoskeletal, renal and hepatic issues as well as burns, wounds and other skin conditions.
Cultivated and harvested traditionally by co-ops, this resin is considered both sustainably harvested and fairly traded.

The dried resin is used locally as chewing gum, benefiting oral and digestive health.

The resin and essential oil of Mount Atlas Mastic are valuable in incense blends, perfume compositions, steam inhalations, muscle and joint rubs, respiratory balms and much more.

This pure oleoresin dissolves beautifully in warm carrier oils and can easily deliver its therapeutic properties in salves, cremes lotions and oils. It has a wonderfully fresh and uplifting fragrance and is also alcohol-soluble.

For recipes, instructions and more information about the different types of Frankincense, Myrrh and other oleoresins, please visit my blog at


Materials: Terebinth resin, Saqqez, Pure Oleoresin, Mastic Oleoresin.

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Christian Bayon (Lisbon, PT)
Mount Atlas Mastic

Didn’t received it.

Koichi Kulas (Ashburn, US)
Excellent product, will reorder again.

Excellent product, will reorder again.

Deb Abshire (Ashburn, US)
Will be buying again!

Will be buying again!

Ben Schinner (Ashburn, US)
WOW! Has a zing to it. Lights my head up w...

WOW! Has a zing to it. Lights my head up when I breathe it in, I feel like I'm high in the mountains -for real! Definitely has a zest to it like mint/catnip, some wafts I get are almost citrus or pine…

Charlotte A (Ashburn, US)