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Breu Copal is the resin of the Bursera Heptaphyllum tree. A relative of the Boswellia family of trees, this resin is referred to by some as Brazilian Frankincense.

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Breu Copal is sustainably collected from the trunks of the trees where it exudes and ages naturally. The trees are not tapped, cut, scraped or harmed in any way to bring us this resin.

When burned on hot coal or in an electric burner, it has a lovely woody, soft green fragrance.

Breu copal is also called Breu Branco or Breu Claro, this resin is a traditional incense in ceremonies/rituals and the home. It is also used in traditional medicine, dissolved in oil for skin-related problems.

Protium heptaphyllum resin burns with a pleasant green fragrance with light floral notes.
If you burn it on an electric incense burner at a low temperature, don't be surprised if you notice an accumulation of fine white needles inside the lid. This is not mould, but the natural resin acids rising with the heat and reforming themselves in their natural crystalline pattern upon cooling.

Breu copal dissolves in alcohol and can be used to impregnate incense papers. The paper is first dipped in a solution of Salpeter and water, left to dry completely, then impregnated with a solution of resin and alcohol. When dry, the paper will burn evenly through due to the Salpeter, releasing the scent of Copal Negro as it burns. Recipes for incense papers can be found online. Many different resins and aromatic materials can be incorporated into incense papers.


Materials: Protium Heptaphyllum, Breu Copal, Breu Claro, Breu Branco.

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Milton (Ashburn, US)
First time with this and it's amazing. Th...

First time with this and it's amazing. This is definitely not just to be relegated to censer use only. I'm really going to enjoy learning from this.

Harry (Ashburn, US)
Beautiful and was delivered promptly. Ever...

Beautiful and was delivered promptly. Everything was just as expected.

Ian Gaylord (Ashburn, US)
Like usual, fantastic quality, Smells Grea...

Like usual, fantastic quality, Smells Great

Jacob Wuckert (Ashburn, US)
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Paul Stark (Ashburn, US)
This stuff is awesome. Received nice big c...

This stuff is awesome. Received nice big chunks of it. The smell is like the initial top note of Maydi (Boswellia Frereana) and the bottom note of Neglecta or Rivae maybe. There is also a very slight hint of Chios in there. It doesn't ever char however instead it just keeps giving off that beautiful smell until it is done. Really good stuff, it exceeded my expectations. Don't hesitate to get some from Dan, you will like it.