Copal Blanco Hydrosol

This listing is for Copal Blanco Hydrosol also called Sacred White Copal that we distilled in-house in September 2023 from the resin of the Mexican Bursera bipinnata tree.

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The aroma of Copal Blanco Hydrosol is true to the resin and has a sweet, citrus aroma with Amber highlights and soft, fleeting floral notes.

Rarely available on the market, this is a unique opportunity to experience the hydrosol of Copal Blanco.

Hydrosols are used as facial toners/cleansers and in a range of cosmetic and therapeutic products. They can be added to an oil/water creme's water phase or a facial steam. They are often diluted with distilled water and used as room and linen sprays.

Hydrosols are used as general skin toners and a splash of Hyydrosol in the bathwater creates an uplifting and relaxing experience. Hydrosols can be used diluted or straight as hair rinses and lend themselves easily to many other aromatic, cosmetic and therapeutic products.

Copal Blanco is used across Central America as a traditional incense and is a staple of Day of the dead ceremonies and rites. It is also a traditional medicine and dissolved in oil before being applied to the skin for a broad range of skin-related problems. Like most tree resins, Bursera bipinnata resin has a deep affinity with the skin and can be of benefit in a broad range of cosmetic and therapeutic products.

I collected only a small amount of Copal Blanco Hydrosol so this is all I have until the next distillation.

Nothing has been added to it, and nothing has been removed from it. It is pure and unadulterated. Please keep Hydrosols refrigerated and use within a year of purchasing.

Materials: Copal Hydrosol, White Copal Hydrosol, Sacred Copal hydrosol.

Customer Reviews

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Missy Hirthe (Ashburn, US)
Smells divine. Quick dispatch and packaged...

Smells divine. Quick dispatch and packaged really well. Hoping to get more. Thank you!

Josie Powlowski
Love this hydrosol spray, received item fa...

Love this hydrosol spray, received item fast. Soothing to the skin and scalp. My only thing is I wish it were bigger. I'd love an 8 oz or 16oz.

River Becker
Amazing!! Thanks again!

Amazing!! Thanks again!

Lisa Johns
refreshing, grounding excellent quality a...

refreshing, grounding
excellent quality as all things are here

Greg Fay
Refreshing, unique, and rare hydrosol that...

Refreshing, unique, and rare hydrosol that is smells just like the fresh copal blanco resin.