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This listing is for Dragons Blood pieces from whole Dragons Blood Balls as found in commerce. 

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This is the resin collected from the Rattan palm of Indonesia. Its leaves are used in basketry and the sturdy core is used for furniture making.
The berries of Daemonorops Draco are coated with a thin layer of red resin. When the ripe berries are boiled, the lighter resin floats to the top of the water where it is scooped up and suspended in small cloth pouches to cool, dry and set.

This gives the exported, fist-sized lumps their distinctive shape, Pointed at one end, round at the other.
In some areas, the hard round seeds are used as beads.
This method of resin collection is sustainable and causes no harm to the trees or the environment.

Armed with wicked, needle-sharp spines, the Latin name of Daemonorops literally means Evil Spirit shrub. Though the name may be attributed to the nastiness of the spines, some believe that spirits and energetic beings find a haven in the safety of these spines as they do in brambles, thickets, hedgerows and other environments that keep humans at a safe distance.

The fragrance of this type of  resin is a bit different than the Socotra Dragons Blood. It is softer and sweeter than its counterpart and though it too creates an intense smoke on the charcoal, it is not as penetrating or sharp. In common with Socotra Dragons Blood, this resin has no scent until it is heated or burned.

A pure oleoresin, Indonesian Dragons Blood resin contains no water-soluble gum. This means it melts and pools on the hot incense charcoal and emits no charred fragrance as do most types of Frankincense and Myrrh resins.
Daemonorops Draco dissolves in alcohol like its Socotran counterpart.


Materials: Daemonorops draco Blume, Indonesian Dragons Blood, Dragons Blood resin.

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Sincere (Ashburn, US)
Thank you so much for my order!

Thank you so much for my order!

Monique (Ashburn, US)
Shipped pretty fast, thank you!

Shipped pretty fast, thank you!

J Wisozk (Ashburn, US)
Good quality, very happy with this shop.

Good quality, very happy with this shop.

Charlotte T (Ashburn, US)
Everything is simply perfect! I am someone...

Everything is simply perfect! I am someone who enjoys using a lot but I don't need to because just a little bit of resin is powerful!
When my package came I was leaving my house so I grabbed it and it went in my car with me. Even unopened my car smelled like heaven for a week! I needed Dan's assistance with my order and he went over and beyond for me! I send Dan many wishes for all the goods ☀️

Bruce Krajcik (Ashburn, US)
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