Dragons Blood Oil

Dragons Blood Oil, Pure, Deep red and unscented.

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I don't often create products in the shop specifically for Magical/Spiritual/Esoteric purposes. I prefer to provide the highest quality ingredients to practitioners of all arts, crafts, paths and persuasions so they can prepare their own products knowing they are working with the finest ingredients.

However, I have had so many requests from customers to make this oil, that I was swayed to create my version of the classic Dragon's Blood Oil.
This gorgeous Dragons Blood oil is deep blood-red and permanent, so don't splash any on your clothes! I don't know if I will produce another batch, so get it while it is here.

I mention the lack of added fragrances because the public at large has been fed synthetic fragrance oils under the name of Dragon's Blood for decades. Many have come to expect a specific aroma from Dragon's Blood products and I will take this opportunity to share that No Dragon's blood resin, in my many years of experience, has ever had any kind of odour until it was burned as incense. Dragon's Blood resins are exactly that, pure resins.

They are not oleoresins and contain no essential oils or fragrance of their own. If you expect an aroma from this product you will be disappointed. If you would like to add an aromatic dimension to your oil, I suggest you get creative and add your own special blend of natural essential oils. Personally, I would avoid using fragrance oils and synthetics.

Dragon's Blood Oil is traditionally used to empower and charge ceremonial, religious and magical objects and for anointing candles, tools, and people. It is often used as a protective element and also incorporated in amorous pursuits.

It is thought to help focus, amplify, augment and anchor one's magical intent adding permanence and power to one's endeavours and intentions.
Dragon's Blood is ruled by the Planet Mars.

There are a few different types of Dragon's Blood resin. This oil is prepared from the pure and unadulterated resin that coats the berries of the Daemonorops vine. The name "Daemonorops" means "Evil spirit shrub" and seems apt as a protective oil. Not only does it bear a coat of long and wickedly sharp needles, (See photos above), but it is thought that energetic entities tend to congregate in shrubs and groves that offer them both physical and visual protection.

Most types of Dragon's blood "lumps" and Balls on the market contain a small percent of the berry resin and are mostly filler. Most often the less expensive Dammar resin. It is very difficult to acquire the unadulterated resin directly from the berries and if you try to prepare your own from most commercial dragon's blood resins, you will not achieve a colour that is true to this beautiful material.

The Dragon's Blood of this species yields a brighter colour than the Socotra Dragon's Blood resin when in its pure form and yields itself to warm oil much more readily than the Socotra variety. (Which is ideal for making Dragon's Blood ink).

You can make your own Dragon's Blood ink using the Dragons Blood resin listed in the shop-here-https://www.etsy.com/listing/569548431/dragons-blood-pure-resin-island-of

You can make your own Dragon's Blood oil using the Grade A Java Dragon's Blood powder in the shop here-https://www.etsy.com/listing/927758348/dragons-blood-grade-a-whole-powdered

I suggest starting with a ratio of 1 part resin powder to 3 parts carrier oil of your choice and process it in a hot water bath which will facilitate the process and will not burn the oil.

There are approximately 20 different trees around the world that supply a red resin called Dragons Blood. Some grow in Asia and others in South America. The resin of Dracaena Cinnabari from the Island of Socotra and that of Daemonorops Draco from Sumatra are likely the best known and most often used for incense, inks, dyes, oils, varnishes, traditional medicine and magic.


Materials: Dragons Blood Oil, Dragons Blood Resin, Fractionated Coconut Oil.

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Claudie (Ashburn, US)
Excellent. Exactly what I needed.

Excellent. Exactly what I needed.

Taurean (Ashburn, US)
Thank you. These oils arrived just as expe...

Thank you. These oils arrived just as expected.

Luella (Ashburn, US)
Very good quality 👌 Can't wait to start...

Very good quality 👌
Can't wait to start using

Isabell (Ashburn, US)
Brilliant product, thank you

Brilliant product, thank you

Iva (Ashburn, US)
This is exactly what I was looking for to...

This is exactly what I was looking for to use in ritual practice!