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Frankincense Essential Oil Sampler

The sample kit contains 6 of the best-known varieties of Frankincense at a modest price.
The essential oils are pure, unadulterated artisan distilled in-house and of the highest quality.

Each species of Frankincense resin yields an essential oil with a signature aroma. With experience, you can easily identify each Frankincense type by its unique fragrance. This Frankincense sampler kit is an excellent educational aid and provides an intimate and experiential introduction to some of the best-known Frankincense types.

The perennial question among many is-are Frankincense Sacra from Oman and Frankincense Carterii from Somalia the same tree, or are they distinct species? This is an opportunity to experience both and decide for yourself. Or you can try a rare Frankincense essential oil that is available nowhere else in the world, Frankincense Neglecta Thurimel distilled from the honey-coloured resin of a Frankincense tree that yields both a clear and a black aromatic resin. The choice is yours.

The Frankincense essential oil sampler contains 1 Millilitre vials of 6 different Frankincense essential oils.

-Frankincense Carterii essential oil-Distilled from honey-sweet Black Frankincense Carterii from Somalia
-Frankincense Papyrifera-A staple of churches around the world. Soft-spoken and dignified. From the Tigray area of Ethiopia.
-Frankincense Dalzielii- A beautiful bold and fruity Frankincensew from Nigeria.
-Frankincense Serrata-Spicey and complex. Used extensively in Ayurveda and native to India.
-Frankincense Rivae-The Sweetest of the Frankincense family-From the Ogaden area of Ethiopia.

In the dropdown menu, you can choose 1 of 2 variations for the Frankincense essential oil sampler.
1-the above 5 Frankincense essential oils plus Boswellia Sacra essential oil,
or 2-you can select the above 5 and the rare Boswellia Neglecta Thurimel essential oil.

Frankincense has been a valuable commodity and an integral part of our global cultures, religions and trade for thousands of years. Highly valued for its medicinal, spiritual and aromatic uses, it is only recently that the different types of Frankincense have been examined closely and their unique chemical compositions studied.

Ruled astrologically by the Sun, all types of Frankincense are anti-inflammatory, calming to the mind and spirit and aid in meditation and spiritual work.

For more information about the different Frankincense types, including instructions for preparing medicine and incense from them, please visit my blog at


Materials: Frankincense papyrifera, Frankincense Carterii, Frankincense Rivae, Frankincense Serrata, Frankincense Sacra, Frankincense Neglecta.

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Simone Howell
Beautifully packaged and shipped fast. Tru...

Beautifully packaged and shipped fast. True frankincense!

Leslie Cremin
These smell great and I'm so glad you offe...

These smell great and I'm so glad you offer them as a set. Thank you very much for filling my order so quickly!

Kari Schumm
Beautiful collection of frankincense sampl...

Beautiful collection of frankincense samples! I really enjoyed all of the unique scents, thank you so much!

Andy Howe
A wonderful & excellent way to same Franki...

A wonderful & excellent way to same Frankincense before plunging into your favorite.

Awesome shop! Products are amazing, packaging mindful...

Awesome shop! Products are amazing, packaging mindful environmentally yet beautifully presented, I love being able to blend oils for spells on the go, I love the little tin that keeps them all in one place, shipping time just in days (even in covid days) thankyou so much for the palo santo gift pack and also the upgrade of 30ml siam benzoin resinoid upgrade from 10ml that I ordered! Very pleased and a happy start to my day smelling all these wonderful divine scents fresh in the mail! Best on etsy!Thankyou!