Frankincense Neglecta Absolute

Frankincense Neglecta Absolute is a beautiful, deep and rich smelling absolute that I prepared from sustainably harvested and Fairly traded Frankincense Neglecta from the Samburu tribe of Northern Kenya!

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Not only does it blend beautifully with alcohol, but it does the same with carrier oils! This means it can be used in Balms, oil-based & solid perfumes, cremes, medicated and aromatic oils, soaps, candles, and more.

Frankincense Neglecta Absolute has a beautiful, sweet, airy aroma with notes of exotic wood and Amber. It has a bit of "Desert" dryness that complements and balances many sweeter aromatics.

A dab of this concentrated aromatic, blended with a small amount of carrier oil makes a lovely and ready-to-wear perfume. I often blend this directly on my skin. I find it calming and uplifting.

Also referred to as a Resin Absolute, this is a thick, fragrant, honey-like liquid which contains ALL the fragrant compounds present in Frankincense Neglecta, ie, both the essential oils and the aromatic resin.

I prepared it by dissolving fresh Frankincense neglecta in food-grade 95% ethanol. It was allowed to macerate at a controlled temperature and stirred daily for 8 weeks before filtering to separate the odourless water-soluble gum compounds.
The finely filtered liquid tincture was evaporated in a vacuum at a very low temperature till most of the alcohol had evaporated.

Frankincense Neglecta Absolute acts as a fixative and heart note in perfume compositions, anchoring more fleeting and volatile scents and is helpful in incense making as a binder and an aromatic ingredient since it burns clean and sweet.

Frankincense Neglecta Absolute blends easily with room-temperature alcohol and carrier oils.


In the Samburu tradition, the men hold most of the wealth in cattle, sheep, goats and camels. The women do much of the work with little to no monetary return. Many women collect resins and bring them to market every week or two. This gives them an income which they use to purchase medicine and food.

Though Frankincense and Myrrh trees are abundant in their area, the women do not tap or injure the trees to increase yield, as is often the case in other areas and with other resin-bearing trees.

Harming nature is frowned upon and contrary to their belief system and reverence for their Nature Goddess, Ngai. The Samburu only collect the resins that form due to incidental injuries from goats and Baboons who find the bark of Boswellia Neglecta delectable and elephants who casually trample trees like matchsticks as elephants tend to do. Due to their thin bark and different physiology, these trees and some other frankincense and Myrrh species cannot be tapped. This makes them an excellent and sustainable source of ethical aromatics for us!

The Samburu women collect both a light and a dark B. Neglecta incense. Yes...I had to see this for myself, and it is true!! Initial injury generates a clear sap that hardens translucent and light golden.

After injury, the tree creates "Traumatic Resin Ducts," as does our Northern Spruce. These ducts then generate a special therapeutic sap called "Callus Resin", that acts as a bandage and promotes the growth of protective tissue that heals the wounds, creates scar tissue and isolates healthy flesh from disease. In Scandinavia, the Spruce callus resin is used in traditional salves for slow-healing wounds, diabetic ulcers and post-surgical wounds.
A recent study also attributes the dark colour and unusual texture of Frankincense Neglecta to the unique relationship the trees have with the Longhorn Beetle.

Like all its brothers, Frankincense Neglecta is ruled by the Sun from an astrological point of view. It calms and strengthens both mind and heart, aids in meditation and concentration, and helps raise one's spirits.

Burned as incense helps cleanse a space and create a sense of sacredness.

Sometimes called "Dakar," the aroma of Frankincense Neglecta, though unmistakably that of Frankincense, stands out with clean, crisp, sweet, earthy notes reminiscent of our northern Balsam Fir trees.

This unusual Frankincense has been used locally for generations as sacred incense and medicine specific for respiratory complaints. The Samburu burn it when a child is sick, when a woman is in labour and during childbirth.


Materials: Frankincense Frereana, Maydi, Alcohol.

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The neglecta is now my favorite frankincen...

The neglecta is now my favorite frankincense note because of this superior hexane-free presentation. Mailing was prompt.

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Just beautiful this is why I keep coming back true oils that are made with care. Thank you

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I had questions and he answered them immediately. Great quality product

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A different and lovely frankincense

A different and lovely frankincense