Frankincense Papyrifera

Fresh Frankincense Papyrifera from Ethiopia. Boswellia Papyrifera. A source of Boswellic acids, Incensole. Incensole acetate. For medicine, perfume, and Incense.

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Until recently, in our North American market, there was little choice as far as the type of Frankincense resin or essential oil one could buy, and it was almost impossible to acquire the rare types of frankincense such as Frankincense Papyrifera.

Frankincense has been a valuable commodity and a very important part of our global cultures, religions and trade for thousands of years, highly valued for its medicinal, spiritual and aromatic uses, it is only recently that the different types of Frankincense have been examined closely and their unique chemical compositions studied.

Ruled astrologically by the Sun, all types of Frankincense are anti-inflammatory, calming to the mind and spirit and aid in meditation and spiritual work.

Boswellia, or Frankincense Papyrifera, is distinguished from other types of Frankincense by the presence of Boswellic acids, Incensole and Incensole Acetate. Studies have shown that Incensole Acetate affects our central nervous system and possesses psychoactive properties. According to studies, Incensole Acetate can generate heightened feelings of well-being and spirituality, reduce anxiety and depression and improve memory function. It is presumed that the body also absorbs Incensole and Incensole Acetate through the smoke released during the burning of Frankincense as an incense. One can see why this has been an ideal incense for spiritual/religious purposes in churches and temples for millennia.

The Boswellic acids that Frankincense Papyrifera contains have been researched extensively and show powerful therapeutic activity in the lab.

To learn how to make a traditional tea from Frankincense Papyrifera tears, please see my post-The many benefits of Frankincense Tea




Materials: Boswellia Frankincense Papyrifera oleoresin, Fresh harvested Frankincense, Frankincense resin, Fresh Boswellia Papyrifera, AKBA, Boswellic acids, incense resin.

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Jillian (Ashburn, US)
Amazing selection, and great quality!

Amazing selection, and great quality!

Zita (Ashburn, US)
Ordered a variety of frankincense as a gif...

Ordered a variety of frankincense as a gift for my niece's BD can't wait to give them to her. (It's not till Aug. 14th.) I know she is going to lovev. it.

Thomas Majors (Dallas, US)
Superior quality

I am a roamer and tried shops all over US. The quality of this resin is the best I have witnessed. Thank you Dan and all your staff.

My favourite for burning

This was the first Frankincense I ever used, which I got some time ago now. I made my own resin extract from it when these weren't available from Apothecary's Garden. I'm glad that I don't have to do this these days, and can get whatever I need from here and can rest assured they have been properly processed.
It is still my favourite, and I've tried many, for general usage an an incense. I stopped using Tibetan incense, which despite being of high quality, started affecting my chest causing me to cough. It always did to some extent but in my dotage I refrain from using it.
I use Royal Green Hojari as an offering incense for personal reasons, as it is an offering in more than one sense of the word.
Non rationally, perhaps, I like the fact it comes from Ethiopia.

Kayla (Ashburn, US)
Great review. Seller has such an amazing v...

Great review. Seller has such an amazing variety of resin. They gave me such a nice fee sample also along with my order. I'll be doing most of my resin shopping here unless for some reason they don't carry the variety. Doubtful since they have the most variety I have seen. 5 stars. Incredibly happy with my purchase.