Frankincense Serrata Powder

By popular demand-Frankincense Serrata powder, ground fresh in small batches In-house.

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After three years, my customers' ongoing requests for powdered Frankincense have motivated me to provide this service and product.

We prepare Frankincense Serrata powder as needed. The process is not as simple as it may seem. Frankincense resin contains moisture and this moisture must be released each time we grind the resin which is usually twice. We grind, sift then dry.and a week or so later, we grind, sift and dry it again for a week or so before packaging it. Nothing else is done to the resin. Nothing is removed and nothing is added to it.

Boswellia or Frankincense Serrata, is likely one of the most well-known and well-used types of Frankincense in the world. Also called Indian Olibanum and Salai in India, its traditional medicinal uses are well recorded.

Used extensively for hundreds of years in the Indian healing tradition of Ayurveda, Frankincense Serrata is considered an NSAID (or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug), causing little to no side effects or irritation compared to steroidal drugs. I cannot mention the therapeutic properties of my raw materials here for legal reasons so I encourage you to explore and research the wealth of health benefits that studies worldwide have shared.

Many of the therapeutic properties in Frankincense Serrata powder are attributed to its Boswellic acid content, compounds it shares with other types of Frankincense resin.

Growing from India up through Punjab and into Pakistan, Frankincense Serrata is used extensively as an incense and incense ingredient in local rituals and ceremonies. It's distilled essential oil has a warm amber-like spicy fragrance that acts as a heart to base note in perfume blends.

Frankincense Serrata is also used in traditional Chinese medicine. Extracts and capsules of B. Serrata are widely available on the market and commonly found on health food store shelves.

When burned as incense, Frankincense Serrata powder helps cleanse a space and create a sense of sacredness. Frankincense is ruled by the Sun from an astrological point of view, is calming to mind and heart, helps raise one's spirits, and is said to generate heightened feelings of spirituality and well-being.

For information on using Frankincense for incense, cosmetics and medicine, please see my blogs at or

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For information and instructions for using Frankincense as medicine pleas see my blog post here-


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Giving this a try for obscure reasons

I had always used use Royal Green Hojari powder, but more recently have used Dalzielii for it's higher Boswelic acid content. I have previously reviewed that.
I currently use frankincense as a general health tonic, but in the past have used it in powder form for IBS. I've only just received it and my first teaspoonful has been ingested. It has a milder taste than other resins I have eaten, possibly making it a more pleasant powder to eat in a raw state. I can't evaluate it's effectiveness compared to other varieties, but have noticed it is often the variety used in medical research where it has been found to have anti-cancer properties. One study showed that administering Boswellia serrata, over a ten week period, as a lipoxygenase inhibitor successfully reversed multiple brain metastases. Lipoxygenase is relevant because the arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase (ALOX5) pathway plays a role in tumor growth and prevents the apoptosis or programmed cell death of tumor cells. Boswellia serrata is able to induce cancer cell death because boswellic acid is responsible for the lipoxygenase inhibiting effect. Based on this other resins with Boswellic acid content may well have the same effect. At this point I should point out I have no medical qualifications but source my information from recognised medical sources. I suggest everyone does the same

Now the obscurity bit as to why I wanted to try Serrata. I have a longstanding relationship with India. I was born at the same time that India was reborn in 1947. Later in life I wandered off to India where I found the way into my future way of being. Later in life I went back working in conservation, as a photographer. So for me it is worth a try, based on my life story.

J Wisozk (Ashburn, US)
Good quality, very happy with this shop.

Good quality, very happy with this shop.

Lourdes Johns (Ashburn, US)
The Frankincense is well grounded and it d...

The Frankincense is well grounded and it doesn't clump. When heated in oil it dissolves easily and it is also easy to strain not a lot of residue goes through the mesh. It smells very beautiful and it is a high quality resin. Happy with the quality and results of my oil resin. Thank you!

Erika Kozey (Ashburn, US)
Great quality and fast shipping. Will defi...

Great quality and fast shipping. Will definitely purchase from seller in the future

Lorette C Mclaughlin (Ashburn, US)
Referred by a friend. The best source of m...

Referred by a friend. The best source of myrrh and frankincense, and knowledge of these wonderful gifts.