Sultans Grade Hydrosol

The Sultan's Grade Hydrosol captures all the aromatic elements that make Royal Green Hojari Frankincense the most expensive and sought-after.

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Hydrosols of Frankincense lend themselves to use as facial toners and are incorporated into a wide variety of cosmetic, aromatic and therapeutic formulas.

The aroma of both the essential oil and hydrosol is a lovely sweet, soft Amber with delicate hints of Citrus, Lemon and Mint.
This hydrosol can be blended 1/2 1/2 with distilled water and still project its intense aroma with ease.

The 3.5 Ounce size is a beautiful silver coloured airless pump. 

After an essential oil distillation is performed, the essential oil is collected from the distillate and we are left with a richly fragrant distilled "water" which can be used as a refreshing body spray, a base for cremes, lotions, and many other aromatic/therapeutic products. This is a Hydrosol or a Hydrolat.

Please note: There may be droplets of essential oil in the hydrosol. Make sure to keep it away from eyes and mucous membranes.
For many applications, this product can be diluted 1/2 and 1/2 with distilled water while retaining its aromatic qualities.

This product is sterile. Once opened, refrigerate any unused hydrosol since no preserving agents have been added.

Rarely available to the public, the Sultan's Grade, or The Sultanate's special Reserve, as it is sometimes called, is the cream of the Green Hojari Frankincense crop.

It is collected immediately after harvest and kept out of circulation by the Sultanate of Oman. It is the purest, greenest, freshest and visually most beautiful resin of all the types of Frankincense harvested in Oman.

The Sultan's grade Royal Green Hojari is the only grade of Hojari resin on the market that tops the Royal Green Hojari in quality and colour and it rarely available to the public except once or twice a year when the Sultanate releases small amounts by special license after an extensive screening process. Even then, it is only dispensed in very small quantities. (20-50 Kilograms at a time). Many are those who apply for the privilege of purchasing this grade and few get the opportunity.

I am very fortunate to be able to offer a small quantity of this unique material to my customers.

Sultan's grade Royal Green Hojari, like the Royal Green Hojari, is used mainly for traditional medicine. It often is chewed, made into a healing tea and used as an ingredient in traditional medicinal formulas.
These tears are fresh, fragrant, green, large and well-shaped and are from the 2020 harvest.

Frankincense to Omanis, is comparable to pasta to the Italians, wine to the French and Mastic to the Greeks. It is not just material, it is an integral part of their daily life, their heritage, history, culture and national identity. The Omani people have a relationship with Frankincense that spans thousands of years and it is inextricably woven into their DNA. Naturally, the best of the best Omani Frankincense is reserved for use in Oman.

It takes many Kilograms of regular Hojari Frankincense resin to collect a handful of the prized "Royal Hojari. In turn, it takes many Kilograms of Royal Hojari Frankincense to gather a handful of the coveted Royal Green Hojari Frankincense tears. Sultan's Grade Royal Green Hojari is the cream of the crop and the "Creme de la Creme

With a delicately sweet, Piney, minty, citrus fragrance, the high quality of this special guest is obvious.

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Botanically, Boswellia Sacra from the Arabian peninsula and Boswellia Carterii from East Africa are considered the same species. However, visually, aromatically and chemically they set themselves apart from each other. For this reason, I distinguish this resin from Oman as Boswellia Sacra.


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Materials: Artisan distilled Hydrosol, Frankincense hydrosol, Sultans Choice Hydrosol.

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Magdalena Vargova (Marseille, FR)
Very special

I use hydrosols a lot in my everyday life but never tried one made of resin.
It has mineral like smell to me, very special. Been using it for about a week only but skin loves it and it’s like a little mystical ritual putting in on every morning. Feels good on every level. 🙏

Arvilla (Ashburn, US)
Hydrosol of Sultans Grade Royal Green Hoja...

Hydrosol of Sultans Grade Royal Green Hojari-

Arvilla (Ashburn, US)
Quality Frankincense Hydrosol. Great frag...

Quality Frankincense Hydrosol. Great fragrance, calms my skin, prepares it for serums.

Trisha (Ashburn, US)
It smells incredible and works so well. Go...

It smells incredible and works so well. Got it for my friend then got another for myself

Arvilla (Ashburn, US)
This Frankincense Hydrosol is so great on...

This Frankincense Hydrosol is so great on my skin. Helps leave it smooth and blemish free. The fragrance is heavenly!!!