Red Hojari Frankincense

Red Hojari Frankincense comes from the Hajar region of Oman which supplies us with all our Hojari Frankincense types. The extensive sorting process gives us our Hojari Supreme, Royal Green Hojari, Hojari silver and a number of other variations that are valued for their distinct colour and scent.

Red Hojari Frankincense is a brother to the Royal Green Hojari but not as well known, (also called Amber Hojari), and consists of large tears that all share shades of Amber to brown.

In scent, Red Hojari Frankincense is similar to the Royal Green Hojari but a little more balsamic and soft. It has less notes of citrus and lemon yet delivers the same sweetness as the Royal green to incense blends, oil extracts, tinctures and other products.

A staple of churches, Mosques and temples around the world, Frankincense Sacra resin is traditionally used as incense and medicine.

Frankincense Sacra from Arabia and Oman is one of the frankincense types that contain Boswellic acids, 

Red Hojari Frankincense is ideal for the preparation of incense blends, therapeutic oils, salves, cremes and tinctures. In many Arabian cultures, it is infused overnight in water, ( a teaspoon to a cup of room temperature water), and sipped throughout the following day for its therapeutic qualities. You can find the tincture and the oleo-extract of this resin in the shop.

It is easy to work with, and its beautiful fragrance follows it through every product you make. For more information, recipes and instructions on making your own therapeutic or cosmetic products from Frankincense resin, please visit-

Please note our ounces are 30 grams, not the 25 grams offered by many other sellers. To this generous ounce, we ALWAYS add a bit more and NEVER less to our packages. Something our customers have come to count on.

For recipes, instructions and more information about the different types of Frankincense, Myrrh and other oleoresins, please visit my blog at

To learn more about the therapeutic properties of Frankincense and how to use Frankincense resins please see this blog post-

Botanically, Boswellia Sacra from Arabia and Boswellia Carterii from East Africa are considered the same species. However, visually, aromatically and chemically they set themselves apart from each other. For this reason, I distinguish this resin from Oman as Boswellia Sacra.


Materials: Boswellia Sacra Oman, Red Hojari Frankincense.

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Jillian (Ashburn, US)
Amazing selection, and great quality!

Amazing selection, and great quality!

Jerel (Ashburn, US)
Extremely high quality incense and while n...

Extremely high quality incense and while not cheap, well worth the price.

Rickey (Ashburn, US)
I really like this variety. Thank you All...

I really like this variety. Thank you All is well

James Cleaves (North Easton, US)
Red Frankincense

This is my single most favorite. A bit less sophisticated and subtle than the green, but in a good way. I usually prefer the red over the green the same way I usually prefer grade B maple syrup over grade A.

Rickey (Ashburn, US)
Now I really like this variety. So much so...

Now I really like this variety. So much so after 15 minutes after it arrived I ordered a Kilo!!