Frankincense Rivae resin Extract

I collect, dry and powder Frankincense Rivae Resin Extract after I distill the essential oil. Devoid of water-soluble gum, it dissolves easily in warm carrier oils, waxes and alcohol.

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The resin extract adds a lovely fragrance to cremes, salves and medicated oil and is a great, clean-burning incense material in incense blends.

In its natural form as an oleo-gum resin, most Frankincense types will not blend homogeneously with oils and waxes.

However, when all water-soluble gum is removed, they dissolve quickly in warm vegetable oils and waxes, becoming a perfect base for making Frankincense oils, salves and cremes.

Separated from its gum using water and no harsh solvents, Frankincense Rivae resin Extract is composed mainly of pentacyclic and tetracyclic triterpenes, including the alpha and beta Boswellic acids.

Frankincense Rivae resin Extract has a haunting, rich fragrance with a soft candy-like sweetness reminiscent of its distant cousin Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens). With a deep amber heart and a light, sweet spiciness, it is my go-to Frank in many of my blends and is a beautiful resin on the coal.

Like all others in its family, Frankincense Rivae is ruled Astrologically by the Sun. Thus it is considered warming and strengthening to the heart and mind, grounding, cleansing and spiritually uplifting.

The resin is traditionally used as incense to cleanse the home and sanctify ceremonies and sacred spaces.
The resin extract smoulders with the same fragrance as the fresh resin.

The scent of Frankincense Rivae, though unmistakably that of Frankincense, stands out with a smooth complexity. It is one of the most vibrant Frankincense types I have come across. It lends itself beautifully to natural incense work and can be used in various cremes, salves and oils.

Boswellia, or Frankincense Rivae, is an olfactory treat, a rare and unusual Frankincense that should not be missed.

Frankincense Rivae grows mainly in the Somali Region of Etiopia which was once named "The Ogaden" after the largest Somali tribe which inhabited the area.

Frankincense Rivae resin Extract makes a clean-burning, fragrant incense material that can be used alone or mixed with other aromatics. Devoid of water-soluble gum, it melts completely and burns cleanly with no charring.

Medicated oils can be blended at a 1:3 to 1:5 ratio, yielding approximately 3-5 ounces of medicated oil from a one-ounce package.

It has a beautiful texture in salves and cremes, feels lovely on the skin, and has the fragrance profile of fresh resin. (Though not as intense).

This pure resin can be used in moustache waxes and beard balms to add firmness, tenacity (fragrance), and the effects of a day-long perm. For more information, see my recipe.-

For more recipes and instructions on using the different kinds of Frankincense for medicine, incense, cosmetics and perfume please drop by my blog- or

For external use only.


Materials:  Boswellic acids, Beta Boswellic acids, AKBA, Salve base, Frankincense Rivae Resin Extract.

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Priscilla Anne Staples (Atlanta, US)
WOW This site is AMAZING!!!

I could spend days reading about this Resin and the differences.
I am primarily interested in 2 types. One for skin healing purposes and the second for Pain relief. Any advice to the type is appreciated.

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The quality of the products is fantastic a...

The quality of the products is fantastic and there will be more purchases by me in the future.

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Always excellent quality items! Looking fo...

Always excellent quality items! Looking forward to my next order.