Frankincense Royal Green Hojari Essential oil

This is a gorgeous essential oil distilled from the premier large green Frankincense tears of Royal Green Hojari from Oman.

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Due to the expense and exclusivity of Royal Green Hojari resin, mainstream commercial distillers cannot offer this unique product. They need to distil vast amounts of plant material at a low cost to make a profit; you will not find Royal Green Hojari essential oil on the market.

The resin I used for this distillation was taken from a beautiful shipment of Royal Green Hojari Frankincense. They had lost some of their colour, but not their sweet aroma, so I distilled essential oil from them The colour of these tears is not permanent though their aroma is. 

 Royal Green Hojari Essential oil is pure and unadulterated. Nothing has been added and nothing has been removed.

Traditionally reserved for medicine, high-end incense and tea, these large succulent pieces share a green cast and a delightful sweet citrus scent.

It takes many Kilograms of Frankincense from the Hajar mountain area to collect a handful of the prized "Royal Hojari. It takes many Kilograms of Royal Hojari Frankincense to gather a handful of the coveted green Frankincense tears.

To learn more about the therapeutic properties of Frankincense and how to use Frankincense resins please see this blog post-

Note- Botanically, Boswellia Sacra from Arabia and Boswellia Carterii from East Africa are considered the same species. However, visually, aromatically and chemically they set themselves apart from each other. For this reason, I distinguish this resin from Oman as Boswellia Sacra and the beautiful Frankincense of Somalia as Boswellia Carterii.


Materials:  Frankincense essential oil,

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Lempi (Ashburn, US)
incredible quality, as is everything i've...

incredible quality, as is everything i've ordered from this shop

Gregory Carson (Sacramento, US)

This oil is top shelf. Very impressed and happy with every product I have received. High integrity products! Thank you.

Paula Muller (Ashburn, US)
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Victoria Nolan (Ashburn, US)
This is amazing! I wasn't sure if I'd real...

This is amazing! I wasn't sure if I'd really notice a difference from the other types of frankincense but it is 100% worth getting this one!! I love the smell and it's so smooth. Beautiful oil.

Great Hane (Ashburn, US)
This product is beyond words! I am SO plea...

This product is beyond words! I am SO pleased with these 2 grades of Green Hojari Frankincense!!! Absolutely top notch! And if you're a Frankincense lover like me, this oil and resin are both a must have item!!! One smell and I feel relaxed and clean, instantly. My favorite smell after a shower. Cleanliness is indeed near to Godliness.