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This is the listing for the #1 export grade tears of Frankincense Carterii from Somalia. It is made up of lovely amber coloured tears and has a beautiful fresh aroma of amber and citrus.

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Frankincense Carterii is one of a handful of Frankincense types that contain Boswellic acids. These resin acids are the compounds that have been shown in studies to be anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer. These findings support its use in traditional medicine for inflammation, respiratory, muscle and joint and gastrointestinal issues. Frankincense Carterii has also been shown to add elasticity to skin and has been used in cosmetics formulas. It is important to note that it is the resin part of Frankincense that contains the Boswellic acids, not the essential oils. Adding essential oil of Frankincense Carterii will not deliver its full therapeutic value. For this reason, it is much more advantageous to understand how to use the resin in products.

Frankincense Carterii resin can be used as a base for therapeutic and cosmetic cremes, salves, balms and medicated oils. For instructions on how to make your own Frankincense oil-extracts and other products please visit my blog here

It is lovely burned in a censer alone or ground and blended with other aromatics.

For instructions on how to prepare a traditional frankincense tea from frankincense Carterii tears please see my post The many benefits of Frankincense tea

Please note, our "Ounces" are not 25 grams as with most sellers, (a standard Ounce is actually 28.3 Grams), they are 30 Grams and my helpers are instructed ALWAYS to add more and NEVER less to each bag of resin. If you weigh the item you purchased, you will confirm this.


Materials: Boswellia Carterii, Frankincense Carterii.

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Yvonne (Ashburn, US)
Asensory journey that transforms any room...

Asensory journey that transforms any room into an oasis of captivating scents and spiritual calm. Quick delivery. Fantastic seller❤️ Heartfelt thanks from a very satisfied customer from Norway.

Autumn (Ashburn, US)
Always shipped so quickly. Great product,...

Always shipped so quickly. Great product, packed with care.

Maynard (Ashburn, US)
This seller has a great commitment to sust...

This seller has a great commitment to sustainability practices. The resins look healthy and burn as intended. I am enjoying learning more about the varieties of frankincense and other resins:)

Brandi (Ashburn, US)
The items I received were perfect, package...

The items I received were perfect, packaged well and effective. I already ordered more!

Samantha (Ashburn, US)
My new new number 1 seller on Etsy. Filli...

My new new number 1 seller on Etsy. Filling up my shopping cart now for my next order. #classact