Omumbiri Resin

Omumbiri resin, collected from, the Commiphora Wildii tree in Namibia, has a lovely sweet, spicy, warm fragrance, reminding one of Frankincense rather than Myrrh though it belongs to the Myrrh family.

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Unlike other scented Myrrhs, Omumbiri resin is not found in the form of tears but as a "Thurimel", a honey Frankincense most often in a microcrystalline form similar to Frankincense Thurimel resins.

Omumbiri is also different from all other Myrrh types in that it is a pure oleoresin and contains no water-soluble gum. Not only does this lack of gum give it a unique appearance, but unlike most Frankincense and Myrrh species, it burns on the charcoal with no charring and yields a pleasing smooth perfume to the air.

The lack of water-soluble gum also means it will dissolve easily into warm carrier oils for those that wish to make cosmetics or solid perfumes.

Known for their striking beauty and unique hairstyles, the women of the Himba tribe in Namibia collect Omumbiri resin and blend it with Ochre and animal fats for a traditional perfume and cosmetic. Stored in cow-horn containers this fragrant unguent is applied to both skin and hair regularly.

Omumbiri resin is collected from the trees and ground without tapping or damaging the trees in any way, making it perfectly sustainable. It is processed at a community co-op facility that pays the women on the spot for their resins. Profits from the sale of the essential oil go right back into the community. Omumbiri resin is both sustainably harvested and fairly traded.

Like other types of Myrrh, Commiphora Wildii is ruled Astrologically by the Moon.


Materials: Scented Myrrh, Perfumed Myrrh, Omumbiri, Commiphora Wildii.

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Jillian (Ashburn, US)
Amazing selection, and great quality!

Amazing selection, and great quality!

Evans (Ashburn, US)
Arrived on time tested and it smells amazi...

Arrived on time tested and it smells amazing! Will buy again!

Kristofer (Ashburn, US)
It's exactly what I ordered.

It's exactly what I ordered.

Merlin (Ashburn, US)
As good as the oil but this one I use as b...

As good as the oil but this one I use as bakoor!

Caleb (Ashburn, US)
Like the one I just reviewed below (Bushma...

Like the one I just reviewed below (Bushman's Candle bark) this is an awesome, beautiful scent. I had a Himba friend and if I could post her picture that would be the best description of this scent, just gorgeous!