Moonlight Myrrh Essential Oil

Moonlight Myrrh essential oil is a beautiful Artisinal co-distillation of Myrrh and rare Kua Myrrh, combining the best of these resin's aromas.

Co-distillation means that this product is not a simple blend of essential oils. These two resins underwent the distillation process together. Their essences were joined and married in the belly of the still, and together, they underwent the transformational process of going from solid form to vapour to liquid form as one unique personality.

Moonlight Myrrh essential oil has the softness of the African Savanah on a cool moonlit night. It has hints of citrus, sweet florals and a powdery dryness that distinguishes many medicinal plants as under the rulership of the moon. All types of Myrrh are indeed ruled Astrologically by the moon.

The soft, dry, sweet notes of Moonlight Myrrh essential oil blend perfectly with (but are not limited to) all Frankincense essential oils. This makes sense when one knows that all Frankincense types are ruled by the Sun, the perfect counterpart and consort to the Moon.

In Moonlight Myrrh essential oil , I detect floral, sweet herbaceous notes with toffee and delicate citrus that beg to be acknowledged and developed. Moonlight Myrrh is, on its own, a beautiful feminine composition radiating the Moon's soft glow and grounded in the earthiness of Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty.

One of the highlights of my trip to Kenya was visiting Artisan Distiller Hilary Sommerlatte at her home and studio just outside of Nanyuki, where I purchased a small quantity of this unique, essential oil.

What makes Hilary's essential oils some of the best in the world are her years of distilling experience and the fact that Hilary works directly with the tribeswomen that collect the resins. Hilary organizes them, ensures they are paid on the spot and fairly for their resins, and often helps when water is scarce, or wells are malfunctioning.

She has worked with Northern Kenya's resin-bearing trees for decades and published scholarly articles about them. Hilary's research has shown that Commiphora confusa resin, (a type of Myrrh tree), has the chemical makeup of a Frankincense tree and not a Myrrh tree. This has led to accepting this type of Myrrh tree as "Kenyan Frankincense."

Hilary has also published a paper on the relationship between the Longhorn beetle and Frankincense neglecta trees. Her study shows that their unique interaction produces our Black Frankincense Neglecta of commerce.

Like the moon, Myrrh is associated with cycles, the ebb and flow of waters and fluids, dissolution and birth in traditional medicinal systems. Myrrh is traditionally used to facilitate flow and dispel stagnation.


Materials: Myrrh, Commiphora Myrrha, Kua Myrrh, Commiphora Kua, Essential Oil.

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Karolann (Ashburn, US)
So lovely, well packaged, fast shipping....

So lovely, well packaged, fast shipping.
Third order.
I really appreciate this seller and the unique, special offerings.

Bryan Bartoletti (Ashburn, US)
Phenomenal aroma. I get all my oils here a...

Phenomenal aroma. I get all my oils here and the quality is top notch.

Heather Carter (Ashburn, US)
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Mary Lehner (Ashburn, US)
When I breath it in, I can feel its energy...

When I breath it in, I can feel its energy in my sinuses.

Tatyana Keebler (Ashburn, US)
Великолепный аромат, такой настоящий и соо...

Великолепный аромат, такой настоящий и соответствует своему названию. Красиво раскрывается, его хочется вдыхать.