Muskrat Musk Oil

A drop of Muskrat Musk Oil on the skin, starts out with a deep, classic Musk note which slowly sweetens to reveal light floral notes. It blends easily with one's personal aroma and adds an exotic and alluring aura. (In my experience).

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Though intended for use as an ingredient in perfume blends, Muskrat Musk Oil has a wonderful aroma and effect when used on its own.
It lasts a surprisingly long time on the skin.

Animal musks have been a vital part of perfumery for centuries. It adds sensuous animalic and arousing aphrodisiac elements in our creations. Many musks are considered base notes and fixatives in perfumes. They transform botanical perfumes and add extra dimension and a sense of "Down and dirty" or physical arousal and attraction.

Several animals around the world produce similar musk fragrance compounds.
Among them, are the Musk Deer, Musk crocodile, musk ox, musk duck and of course, the Musk Rat.

Muskrat Musk oil is prepared from the fresh scent glands of the north American Muskrat, tinctured in alcohol for an extended period. The aromatic compounds are then transferred to Fractionated Coconut oil which has an extremely long shelf life. Like Jojoba oil, Fractionated Coconut oil will not oxidize or go rancid.

These animals were trapped for their fur and much of this material goes to waste.

"The Musk Rat, or Ondatra zibethicus in Latin, is native to North America. Its specific name, zibethicus, means ‘musky,’ being the adjective of zibethus, Zibad, ‘civet musk; civet,’ or Civet-like in Latin. The genus name comes from the Huron word for the animal, ondathra, and entered New Latin as Ondatra via French".(Wikipedia).

It lends a soft, warm animalic note to perfumes and has an alluring sensuousness when applied directly to the skin, especially on pulse points.

Should we use animal products in our food, cosmetics and aromatic materials? I have found that there is no universal answer that suits us all.

I believe that only by engaging and cultivating our own intimately personal relationship with Nature can we plot our path and divine our code of ethics. Only then can we be responsible and responsive to Nature's needs, true to ourselves, and make informed choices that ultimately affect us all globally.

Even though this oil is much more labour intensive and requires more raw material to produce, I have kept the price the same as the tincture of Muskrat and affordable for everyone.


Materials: Muskrat Musk Oil Muskrat musk glands, Muskrat musk, Fractionated Coconut Oil.

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Chad (Ashburn, US)
Absolutely divine. Thank you very much ❤️

Absolutely divine. Thank you very much ❤️

Eloise S (Ashburn, US)
This was not the Musk oil I was looking fo...

This was not the Musk oil I was looking for. It was God awful smelling. I had to throw it out. Im looking for the Musk oil by Coty?

Hayden (Ashburn, US)
Very quick shipment. Soft and white musky...

Very quick shipment. Soft and white musky material, also with aquatic qualities. Really nice for my musk oil blend. Thank you :)

Kathleen (Ashburn, US)
G o o d d

G o o d d

Velva (Ashburn, US)
Love it as always… thank you for making it...

Love it as always… thank you for making it available!