Skunk Perfume tincture-2%

Perfumers always have their eyes open for unusual ingredients they can add to their creative palette.

Skunk tincture is one of those little-explored aromatics that has the potential to add something new and novel to one's repertoire.

However, and it is a big however, the full strength tincture of skunk that is available in the shop is soooo concentrated that it is useless until heavily diluted.
I always suggest starting with a dilution in alcohol of 1:50. In my opinion, it is only at this ratio that you can start to identify its aromatic properties and visualize how it can be incorporated in compositions.

Another disadvantage is that the full strength tincture does not travel well and can be detected before one opens their Apothecary's Garden package. Glass containers and plastic caps do not completely contain the genie in this bottle which can be problematic, especially in the presence of other more delicate aromatics.

So, for these reasons I've gone ahead and prepared a more useful and practical product for my customers.

The original Skunk tincture is made by macerating fresh skunk glands in Ethanol. Skunks are trapped for their fur.
Processing their scent glands makes a useful product out of something that would otherwise be discarded.

If you decide you would like to try the full strength tincture and dilute it on your own, it is al;so available in the shop.

For a bit more information on the 2% Skunk tincture, here is a video review a customer recently sent me.


Materials: Perfume alcohol, skunk glands.

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Keva Becker (Ashburn, US)
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Allen Barrows (Ashburn, US)
Very interesting smell. Honestly may have...

Very interesting smell. Honestly may have preferred stronger, but I don't want to buy the full strength

Daniel Willms
If you're looking at this you know exactly...

If you're looking at this you know exactly what you want. It smells just like the real deal and I'm very happy with it. I prefer the higher strength stuff but this one is nice because it does not linger as long. Worth buying. It matches the description and meets my expectations.

John Fay
The tincture smells exactly as it should.

The tincture smells exactly as it should.

Alexander Shields
My first time, smelling the skunk lol and...

My first time, smelling the skunk lol and stinks for real! This is just the 2% ratio , is like sulfuric, good to make some olfactory experiments, mixing with other essential oils 👍🏽