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This Propolis tincture has a boozy, sweet, warm, musky animalic, resinous amber-like fragrance with hints of Molasses and Black Cherry. Its scent is reminiscent of Poplar Bud resin, often making up a good portion of the Bee's building material for Propolis. It blends nicely with many essential oils, perfumes and incense materials.

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A fragrant, brown/black and brittle compound at room temperature, Propolis is a fragrant resinous material bees produce for keeping the hive septic and germ-free. Created from the resin of different plants by the bees through the seasons, each batch of Propolis varies both in its scent and its chemical profile depending on the season, and the local and plant material that is available to them.

Propolis can be used both powdered, in its raw form, and blended as a tincture with other ingredients in various incense types. A small perfume sprayer/mister can be used for even dispersal. It's robust amber, musk-like scent transforms single-ingredient and compound incense blends with an unexpected, rich exotic touch. The raw Bee Propolis can be burned directly on the heater or the coals or added to a blend.

If you want to experiment with fresh Propolis or make your tincture or incense, please see the shop listing for raw Propolis.

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Eulalia (Ashburn, US)
Beautiful dark boozy and medicinal. Absolu...

Beautiful dark boozy and medicinal. Absolutely stunning with a floral tinge! The labdanum cret sample included is absolutely beautiful and stunning. Dan has the best of the best!!!!!!

Therese Harris (Ashburn, US)
As always, extraordinary quality and care...

As always, extraordinary quality and care in the making. Intoxicating fragrance of the propolis....truly a pleasure to receive ALL of the lovingly and consciously curated gifts of nature.

Heather Connelly (Ashburn, US)
Everything I've purchased from this store...

Everything I've purchased from this store is fantastic. High quality, materials, reliable and trustworthy.

K Corwin (Ashburn, US)
A very interesting tincture that's wonderf...

A very interesting tincture that's wonderful in both perfume and medicine. If you've never played around with propolis, I highly suggest it, and AG's tincture is some of the absolute best.

Sarah Hayes
Smells divine! I did have a difficult time...

Smells divine! I did have a difficult time opening the small vial and spilled some of the ticture.