Frankincense Papyrifera Essential oil

Frankincense Papyrifera essential oil is difficult to source and not widely available. This is a small-batch Artisan distilled essential oil.

Also called "Tigray type" Frankincense due to its preference for the northern area of Ethiopia, Boswellia Papyrifera is the resin of choice for both the Orthodox church and the general populace of Ethiopia who burn it during their daily ritual of preparing coffee.

Very little Frankincense Papyrifera essential oil is present in the resin which yields 1/3 of the essential oil compared to most other types of Frankincense. For this reason you will find most commercial distillers will not distil it, and when available, its price is much higher.

Sometimes commercial distillers will mix the resin of B. papyrifera with higher-yielding Frankincense resins so it can be sold at a more competitive price. The Frankincense papyrifera essential oil in the shop is pure and unadulterated and distilled by an Artisan I know and respect. 

Frankincense payrifera essential oil is more distinguished and dignified than most other types of Frankincense essential oils. It reminds me of well-aged whisky. It has a warm softness and depth. A hint of ripe sweet fruit is carried by honey amber and an ever so slight spiciness.

Until recently, in our North American market, there was little choice regarding the type of Frankincense resin or essential oil one could buy, and it was almost impossible to acquire the rarer kinds of Frankincense such as Boswellia Papyrifera.

Though one of the loveliest of the Frankincense essential oils, its rarity is compounded by its extremely low yield of essential oil. Few are willing to distill this oleoresin since the financial return is so low.

Frankincense Papyrifera is distinguished from other Frankincense types by the presence of the sesquiterpenes Incensole and Incensole acetate. Studies have shown that these volatile compounds are powerful therapeutic agents and affect our brain chemistry

Ruled astrologically by the Sun, all types of Frankincense are calming to the mind and spirit and aid in meditation and spiritual work.

NOTE: There are NO Boswellic acids in Boswellia Papyrifera essential oil or that of any other Frankincense. The Boswellic acids are large, heavy molecules and not volatile. They do not come over in the distillation. For this reason, Boswellic acids will never be present in an essential oil of Frankincense.

Sadly all our Frankincense trees are suffering. They are declining so rapidly in their numbers it is estimated we will lose them all in the next 40-50 years. Unless we step in and apply corrective measures. These magnificent trees are dying at an alarming rate due to human encroachment and unsustainable harvesting practices. They are cut to make room for agriculture, burned as charcoal and cooking fuel, and often overharvested till they die.
You can learn more about Frankincense Papyrifera and other unique types of Frankincense, how to identify and use them by visiting my blog.

Materials: Fresh harvested Frankincense, Fresh Boswellia Papyrifera, Frankincense essential oil, Frankincense Papyrifera, Boswellia Papyrifera, Boswellia essential oil, Incensole, and Incensole acetate.

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Edgardo (Ashburn, US)
Yes, this scent! I love the scent of papyr...

Yes, this scent! I love the scent of papyrifera. Thank you Dan.

Ora (Ashburn, US)
One of my favorite franks

One of my favorite franks

Alla Gusikowski (Ashburn, US)
Frankincence papyrifera essential oil. Tha...

Frankincence papyrifera essential oil. Thank you.

Anna Hills (Ashburn, US)
Wonderful quality. Arrived quickly. Highly...

Wonderful quality. Arrived quickly. Highly recommend.

Sally Parker (Ashburn, US)
I'm so so happy with everything I buy. So...

I'm so so happy with everything I buy.
So much to learn about all of the frankincense ..
Such beautiful oils and scents
Thank you