Frankincense Sacra Essential oil

Frankincense Sacra essential oil. Artisan distilled from Silver Hojari Frankincense Oman. Boswellia Sacra

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The tears I used were taken from a Royal Green Hojari Frankincense shipment. After sifting the Royal Green Hojari through a 1/4" mesh I was left with smaller tears of light green/ silver Frankincense. I decided to distil these resins separately and do a comparison. Indeed the scent of these two essential oils is distinct. You will find the Royal Green Hojari essential oil here-

In aroma, Frankincense Sacra essential oil is delicate, dry and honey-sweet with warm amber and soft spice notes.

It is a beautiful representation of Boswellia Sacra with the signature sweetness and lemon notes of the Hajar area Frankincense.

With time, the fragrance of this essential oil dries down to long-lived notes of precious wood, amber and black pepper.

Frankincense Sacra is traditionally used to bring clarity, calm and strength to both heart and mind. It is thought to help with concentration and help ameliorate anxiety and depression.

Frankincense Sacra essential oil is pure, unadulterated hydro-distilled essential oil. Nothing is added to it, and nothing was taken from it.

Frankincense has been in the news regularly the past few years, due to the Boswellic acids found in the heavy resin portion of this oleo gum resin. Studies have shown these resin compounds have extensive therapeutic properties.  There are 6 types of Frankincense resin that contain Boswellic acids. The essential oils, however, can only contain trace amounts of Boswellic acids.

If you would like to utilize the Boswellic acids for their health benefits, please see my resin extracts and Oleo extracts/infusions which all contain Boswellic acids and other therapeutic compounds not found in the essential oil of Frankincense.

For recipes, instructions and more information about the fragrant and therapeutic compounds found in the different types of Frankincense, Myrrh and other oleoresins, please visit my blog at or


Materials: Pure Essential Oil, Boswellia sacra, Frankincense Sacra essential oil , Silver Hojari Frankincense.

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Trisha Boyer (Ashburn, US)
Wonderful full bodied scent. I was excited...

Wonderful full bodied scent. I was excited to find the exact genus. Shipping was fast and the bottles were well packaged. I recommend this shop.

Sally Parker (Ashburn, US)
A wonderful oil for my collection. Thank y...

A wonderful oil for my collection. Thank you

Andrea Pacocha (Ashburn, US)
Very different than I was expecting. I abs...

Very different than I was expecting. I absolutely love it!!!

Lj Block (Ashburn, US)
I hope to not run out of this Hojari essen...

I hope to not run out of this Hojari essential oil too fast ... it is truly amazing.

Claudia Pfannerstill
great quality, good packaged. Shipped fast...

great quality, good packaged. Shipped fast. Very satisfied