Mastic Chios Resin Absolute.

Mastic Resinoid, also referred to as Mastic Resin Absolute and Mastic Absolute is a fragrant crystal clear, pourable, honey-like liquid that contains the aromatic resin and essential oil of Mastic Chios.

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It is extracted from fresh Mastic resin using food-grade alcohol alone. No harsh chemical solvents were used in the extraction process.

It is easily miscible in perfume alcohol since the polymer cis-1,4-poly-β-myrcene was removed in the process.

Cis-1,4-poly-β-myrcene you say? What on earth is that!!?

Well, if anyone has tried to make a tincture of Mastic in alcohol, then they have no doubt struggled with the surprise of a weird and insoluble portion. This is a natural ocurring polymer, something not found in other oleoresins. And, it is completely and stubbornly resolved to make a nuisance of itself. I took care to remove it from this product which means it will easily dissolve in alcohol.

Mastic Resinoid is an excellent aromatic fixative in perfumes and incense blends. It has a sweet yet dry, crisp, and uplifting aroma that is slightly woody, softly green and hints at "confection". There really is no other resin or aromatic material that smells like Chios Mastic.


One of the best known natural chewing gums, this sweet-smelling, classic resin has a track record as ancient as Frankincense and Myrrh. Used extensively in the Mediterranean for medicine since the time of Hippocrates in ancient Greece, Mastic is a mainstay of Mediterranean cooking, baking and the production of liqueurs,

Grown mainly on the Greek island of Chios, Mastic resin production has been coveted by empires and conquerors. Controlling the supply of Chios Mastic has been a strategic consideration by invading armies for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Mastic is the original Old World chewing gum with the origin of it's name rooted in mastication ie: chewing.

With traditional medicinal attributes ranging from digestive ease, fresh breath, stimulating the gums and appetite, removing plaque and refreshing the mind, Mastic has been used as medicine for thousands of years.

The unique aroma of Mastic makes it valuable in both incense blends and perfume compositions.

Studies have shown that compounds in Mastic resin kill the H. Pylori bacteria which is a known cause of ulcers.

When creating sacred space or cleansing an area, I have found there is nothing with as high a vibration and cleansing ability as a couple of Mastic tears on the coal.

Mastic is an integral ingredient in "Chrism" the sacred anointing oil of the Orthodox church.

Mastic has a unique and unusually sweet aroma which has made it a popular ingredient in confections, cakes, puddings and other traditional culinary delights of cultures all around the Mediterranean.


Materials: Food grade alcohol, Pistacia Lentiscus, Mastic Resin, Mastic Chios.

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Jaylon (Ashburn, US)
This review has no content.

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Okan Goldner (Ashburn, US)
The product I purchased arrived incredibly...

The product I purchased arrived incredibly fast. thank you.

Shannon Bashirian
Very well packaged, shipped fast!

Very well packaged, shipped fast!

Florence Wintheiser
To me it's a light, resinous but airy scen...

To me it's a light, resinous but airy scent. Quite enjoyable.

Heidi Rolfson
This essence is great for my Egypt project...

This essence is great for my Egypt project, for it is of very hig quality.