Xanthorrhoea resin

Xanthorrhoea resin is the natural exudate of the Australian Grass tree Xanthorrhoea spp.
The resin accumulates naturally and is collected by Aboriginal people without harming the tree.

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Aboriginal use- (Wikipedia).The resin from Xanthorrhoea plants is used in spear-making[11] and is an invaluable adhesive for Aboriginal people, often used to patch up leaky coolamons (water containers) and even yidaki (didgeridoos). The dried flower stalk scape was also used to generate fire by the hand drill friction method.

Resin collected from the Xanthorrhoea plant was used in Australia until the mid-twentieth century for the following purposes-

-Burnt as incense in churches.
-A base component for a varnish used on furniture and in dwellings.
-A polish and a coating used on metal surfaces including stoves, tin cans used for storing meat and “brass instruments.”
-A component used in the industrial processes associated with “sizing paper, in soap making, perfumery and in manufacturing early gramophone records.”

Xanthorrhoea resin has a beautiful aroma as incense. It is reminiscent of Dragonsbood resin but softer, sweeter, and more complex. It is not hard on the lungs or harsh as Dragonsblood can be, and its fragrance is much more pleasing to my nose.

As mentioned, in the past, it was used in perfumery so one wonders what it could add to modern perfumes as a tincture or essential oil.
It dissolves readily in alcohol, producing a slightly aromatic tincture that is bright garnet red.

Larger specimens can be purchased. Contact me for photos and prices.


Materials: Xanthorrhoea resin, Gum Acaroid, Acaroid, Yakka, Grass Tree Resin.

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