Bushman's Candle Lip Balm.

Bushman's Candle lip Balm. Made with the natural Bushman's Candle bark wax, No added colours, fragrances or preservatives.

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Simple is often best and with only 3 ingredients, the Bushman's Candle Lip Balm really shines. The Amber scent of the wax blends perfectly with the sweet tones of the unrefined Ontario Beeswax and creates a protective balm with a beautiful natural scent.

Sarcocaulon Mossemedense is a flowering succulent shrub of the Geranium family that thrives in the hot, harsh and dry Namib desert. The soft interior of the plant is preserved and protected by a thick waxy, resinous bark which endures on the parched desert floor for many years after the plant's demise and can be utilized in various skin-care products, especially those that preserve and protect the skin.

Members of the Himba tribe collect the fallen bark and most often processed into a resin extract for the perfume industry. Collecting the fallen bark provides an extra income to members of the tribe.
However, besides the aromatic resinous material, there is a natural wax present in the bark which is discarded as waste after removing the resin portion.

Utilizing this fragrant wax is a simple process and if a market can be created for it, this value-added product could generate extra income for the tribe.

This amber scented wax is perfect for cosmetics, candles moustache waxes and therapeutic skin healing formulas.
Both the wax and the resin extract can be prepared from the same material, doubling its usefulness and value as a sustainably collected harvest.

I have described the formulas and processes for producing both products below.
Bushman's candle resin extract and wax share a beautiful Amber scent that is rich, sweet, warm, woody and tenacious.

It is fairly easy to extract 2 separate products from the raw bark, the alcohol extract for perfume and incense and a wax which can be used in candles and cosmetic/therapeutic preparations.



Materials: Sarcocaulon Mossemedese, Bushmans Candle, Bees Wax, Coconut Oil.

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linda stepnickova (Prague, CZ)
Not worth the price

No smell of any other ingredience than petroleum jelly :( this was an dissapointment

Nathaniel (Ashburn, US)
The product smells amazing !!!

The product smells amazing !!!

Debbie Kautzer (Ashburn, US)
Love this lip balm and will be purchasing...

Love this lip balm and will be purchasing more . Very nourishing !

Giselle Mueller (Ashburn, US)
This balm has a light feel to it and barel...

This balm has a light feel to it and barely any scent at all which I appreciate. My lips feel soft and I don't feel the need to do a constant application (which I do feel with more mainstream, commercialized lip balms made by big corporations). Seller is very helpful, informative and communicative. I appreciate the time, care, and quality he puts into his products and I will buy more from him in the future.

Yvan Lakin (Ashburn, US)
Very good lipstick. Simple ingredients. Ef...

Very good lipstick. Simple ingredients. Efficient. Probably the best lipstick I tried in my life so far. I love it. Thanks for it.