Madagascar Elemi Oleo-extract

Madagascar Elemi Oleo-Extract is a fairly thick, intensely fragrant, soothing anti-inflammatory oil or Oleo infusion/extract of fresh, fair trade and sustainably harvested Madagascar Elemi, Canarium Madagascariensis from Madagascar.

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Elemi is used is a mainstay in skincare and cosmetics products and has been used in traditional and folk medicine for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Madagascar Elemi Oleo-Extract is very concentrated and can be diluted with a carrier oil of your choice.
It can easily be used as a base or ingredient in oil-based and solid perfumes.

Elemi trees grow throughout Africa and in the Philipines. Wherever it grows, it is used in local medicine often by dissolving the fresh resin in oil.

This oil can be used as a base for a serum, toner, or in a rejuvenating skin creme when blended with distilled water and emulsifying wax as per standard formulas or used neat on the skin as a massage oil.

It is a lightly coloured oil made at a concentration of 1:3 with Fractionated Coconut oil.

Madagascar Elemi Oleo-Extract is created by dissolving Fresh Madagascar Elemi resin in Fractionated Coconut oil in a warm water bath for a few hours. It is then filtered and bottled.

If you wish to prepare your own Elemi extract with any other type of oil, It is easy to make at home and you will find instructions here-

This extract is produced "Astrodynamically" which is a method of preparation I use based on the tenets of traditional plant Alchemy and medicinal astrology. Experience has shown that products made this way distinguish themselves with improved colour, aroma, shelf life and efficacy.


Materials: FCO, Fractionated coconut oil, Elemi, Canarium Madagascariensis, Madagascar Elemi.

Customer Reviews

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Cecilia Parker (Lynnwood, US)
Fragrant gem

I fell in love with elemi as an essential oil years ago, but this oleo-extract is so much more rich and complex. I'm looking forward to using this in my next facial serum!

Maeve (Ashburn, US)
As a huge fan of the Madagascar resin, I d...

As a huge fan of the Madagascar resin, I decided it was time to try this Oleo Extract. Gorgeous and fragrant, bright and nourishing. This will be well loved and will likely reorder shortly.

John Pagac (Ashburn, US)
A beautifully fragrant oil. Excellent serv...

A beautifully fragrant oil. Excellent service too!

Silas Boehm (Ashburn, US)
Everything arrived safely and smells wonde...

Everything arrived safely and smells wonderful.

Ike Waters (Ashburn, US)
It took me a little while to truly appreci...

It took me a little while to truly appreciate this for what it is. I love resins and this was my first experience with Elemi, outside of it being listed among the top or mid notes within in a cluster of other naturals.

The smell is absolutely divine. When they say “as above, so below” they really mean it. This oil grounds and calms me. Very therapeutic. Currently, I've only used it “neat”. I'm hoping to find other ways of stretching it by adding it to a carrier oil. Either that, or I'll need to buy a much bigger bottle. For now, I'll use it very sparingly.

I definitely plan on purchasing more from this seller, as the quality seems to be top tier. Thank you to the store owner for sending me a phenomenal product.