Sandalwood powder, Premium Balloon Dust

 Sandalwood Powder Balloon Dust is considered the world's premium Sandalwood powder due to its extremely fine particles and its excellent fragrance.

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It is made of Sandalwood dust particles that are so fine they escape into the air during the grinding process. They are collected from the air in cloth filtration bags.

Like our premium Sandalwood Deadwood chips,the great age of this wood, which has lived until it died naturally, lends the powder a very sophisticated, rich aroma. Sweet, soft, buttery, and sensuous.

Sandalwood Powder Balloon Dust is perfect for cosmetics, Facial masks, body scrubs, body powders, and tinctures and as a gorgeous incense alone or combined with other aromatics. It is so fine it will burn independently, (See video above). This means that very little Joss or Makko powder needs to be added to create self-burning Incense sticks and cones creating a fragrance that is all Sandalwood. 

Balloon Dust Sandalwood Powder can be burned on charcoal, an electric burner or on our resin tea Light burner

Since overharvesting decimated their Sandalwood tree population, India has not allowed the export of the remaining sandalwood tree products and retains the remainder of the harvest for local use. Planting of new Sandalwood trees in India has commenced, but it will be a few more years before the trees reach the age where they can be harvested and their products exported.

Recently it was discovered that areas in Indonesia share the same climate and soil qualities as Mysore India and they are hosts to the same species and sub-species of Santalum Album, (White Sandalwood), which India is famous for.

The quality of the Indonesian Sandalwood powder, from both its aromatic profile and chemical analysis, shows it to be identical to the finest Indian Sandalwood.

Having learned from our mistake of over-harvesting Indian Sandalwood faster than it could be grown, Indonesia imposes strict regulations and laws around the harvest of their Sandalwood trees.

Our supplier/harvester adheres to all government laws, which include planting 10 new trees for every tree they remove from the forest, including the deadwood.

There are a lot of fake and adulterated Sandalwood products on the market and I have finally found the real deal. Authentic, pure, sustainable and ethically collected.


Materials: Sandalwood powder, White Sandalwood, Sandalwood Powder, Santalum Album.

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Y. (Ashburn, US)
Amazingly lovely. I've bought sandalwood p...

Amazingly lovely. I've bought sandalwood powder from several reputable sellers to compare quality and this is the best I've found so far. I "burn" sandalwood powder on an electric adjustable heater from 170-250F. (Most of the time it's set to 170F.)

Esteban (Ashburn, US)
I'm using this to coat my hands before med...

I'm using this to coat my hands before meditating with mala beads as I once heard Alan Watts suggest. I like the practice.

Skylar (Ashburn, US)
High quality, easy to work with.

High quality, easy to work with.

Myrtie (Ashburn, US)
Received product as advertised. A satisfie...

Received product as advertised. A satisfied customer.

Lysanne (Ashburn, US)
Flawless transaction as usual. Fast shippi...

Flawless transaction as usual. Fast shipping and secure packaging. Really great products.