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Black Frankincense Carterii

Though the form of Black Frankincense Carterii is quite humble and it lacks the well-known tears of its brothers, it more than makes up for its modest appearance with a beautiful sweet fragrance and high essential oil content.

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Much like the Black Omani Sacra, this resin has a soft, sensual sweet scent with no harsh edges and will be especially appreciated by distillers, perfumers and incense makers for its unique aromatic profile and abundance of essential oil which lends it its stickiness and amorphic shape.

Harvested in the North Eastern Bari area of Somalia, it is believed that the position of these trees in relation to the mountains and the Indian Ocean contributes to the resin's unique scent and stickiness.

Starting out quite light in colour, (see photo above), once compacted Black Frankincense Carterii takes on a darker honey colour that looks almost black from different angles.

This resin smells sweetly of honey and amber with soft citrus notes and a delicate aura of Balsam Fir, (Christmas trees), rounding out the fragrance perfectly.

It makes a gorgeous incense on its own or if desired, small pieces can be warmed and rolled between the fingers into balls, blended with essential oils or coated in fragrant wood powders such as Agarwood and Sandalwood to create unique incense Pastilles.

Infused in warm oils, it makes a beautifully aromatic base for medicated oils, salves and cremes. Boswellia Carterii is one of 6 Frankincense types that contain Boswellic acids which are proving to have great medicinal value.

For more information, recipes and instructions on making your own therapeutic or cosmetic products from Frankincense resin, please visit-

Please note, our "Ounces" are not 25 grams as with most sellers, (a standard Ounce is actually 28.3 Grams), they are 30 Grams and my helpers are instructed to ALWAYS add more and NEVER less to each bag of resin. If you weigh the item you purchased you will confirm this.


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Gregory Kuhlman (Ashburn, US)
All of Dan's stuff is amazing, fragrant, a...

All of Dan's stuff is amazing, fragrant, appears fresh, and gratefully carefully chosen to be world community-oriented, supportive of producers, and sustainable

Daniel Volkman (Ashburn, US)
This resin never fails. Best resin ever

This resin never fails. Best resin ever

Tiner Jacobson (Ashburn, US)
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This review has no content.

Sharon Hessel (Ashburn, US)
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Lisa Beer (Ashburn, US)
2nd time purchasing from this seller..grea...

2nd time purchasing from this seller..great product