Black Frankincense Sacra

This unusual type of Frankincense Sacra is quite different from the Oman Frankincense we are familiar with. Though it does not rate high in the traditional Omani grading system, (Likely due to the absence of well-defined tears), it is favoured by distillers, perfumers and incense makers for its unique aromatic characteristics and abundance of essential oil which lends it its stickiness and intense aroma.
It conveys these aromatic qualities readily to incense blends, teas, oils, salves, tinctures and cremes.

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Sweeter than the Black Frankincense carterii from Somalia, it has deep notes of amber, wildflower honey, and delicate spices with soft green notes wafting through.
Instead of the lemon top note shared by other types of Omani Frankincense, it has sweet hints of citrus, (Like fresh Tangerines ripening somewhere nearby).

Black Frankincense sacra makes a gorgeous incense on its own or if desired, small pieces can be warmed and rolled between the fingers into balls, blended with essential oils or rolled in fragrant wood powders such as Agarwood and Sandalwood to create unique incense Pastilles.

As many other Frankincense types, it contains Boswellic acids which have been shown to exhibit anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.
The Boswellic acids contribute to its traditional use in cosmetic and therapeutic oils, salves cremes and liniments used for mature skin, joint pain, arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.
For more information, recipes and instructions on making your own therapeutic or cosmetic products from Frankincense resin, please visit my blog at or see my post at

There are about 18 species of Frankincense in the world. Though not all of them yield resin on a commercial scale, those that do have been used for centuries in incense, perfume and traditional folk medicine in the areas they grow.


If your resin is sticky, removing it from the plastic wrapper may be difficult. My trick and workaround is to place the bag in the fridge or freezer for 15-30 minutes before separating it from its package. After chilling, it will detach with ease and without leaving any material stuck to the wrapper.

Materials: Boswellia Sacra, Black Frankincense, Black Sacra, AKBA, Boswellic Acids.

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Ward (Ashburn, US)
Outstanding quality and experience! Return...

Outstanding quality and experience! Return customer and I will always continue to frequent Apothecary's Garden. Absolutely unmatched!

James Cleaves (North Easton, US)
Black Frankincense

While I have never disliked anything from Apothecary's Garden, we all have our favorites and this isn't in my top three, for example. Well worth the experience though. A bit acrid, but intriguing nonetheless. Try it.

Maiya (Ashburn, US)
👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

A. (Ashburn, US)
Top quality, excellent service, thank you!

Top quality, excellent service, thank you!

This is a great Frankincense for burning.

I recently found a lump of this, that had been overlooked, well ignored really, in a drawer for a few years. As I'd run out of my favourite incense for burning, I chipped some off and put it in my burner. I'd forgotten what a wonderful aroma this frankincense has. It's well worth trying and, needless to say, I've put an order in for more. Obviously senses of smell vary, but this is now back around the top of my list and I recommend it. The other one I generally use for incense is Papyrifera. I am attached to this variety, not purely because of smell, but because it's the first one I ever bought from Dan many years ago. I should add I don't use either of these to take internally. For medical use, I generally use Royal Green Hojari or Dalzielii. I recently gave Serrata a try but have gone back to my originals. I may use Serrata again to add variety, but found no advantage to using it recently.
Recently on Dan's advice I have started adding 10%-20% of Myrrh powder to the Frankincense. I have definitely noticed an improvement in the beneficial effect this mixture has over straight frankincense.