Frankincense Frereana Essential Oil

Frankincense Frereana essential oil is sweet, bold, smooth, brisk and bursting with character, Boswellia frereana is named the king of Frankincense for good reason.

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Frankincense Frereana trees grow on the steep rock faces of the Somali Puntland mountains. Defying gravity, they develop foothold trunk "anchors that embrace the sheer rock surfaces and present numerous challenges to the harvesters. Not only is access to each tree challenging, but the harvesters contend with the danger of injury from falls and snake bites each time they tap, and each time they collect the resin from the tree.

Frankincense frereana essential oil acts as a fixative and heart-note in perfume compositions anchoring more fleeting and volatile scents and contributes a unique twist to incense blends.

Distilled in-house May 21, 2020 from the 2 highest grades of Frankincense frereana, this essential oil has a Bold, sensuous, sweet, warm, woody Amber scent highlighted lemon, honey, spice and almost animalic musk notes. Usually, distillers process the lowest and bottom of the bag, powder and dust), grades of Boswellia frereana into essential oil. I believe using grade #1 and #2 chunks of resin has produced a finer product.


Perhaps the least known Frankincense type in the Western world, but one of the most prized in Arabia and Africa, Boswellia Frereana is Native to the Somali Puntland and the Somaliland highlands, it is their pride and joy. In Somalia and neighbouring countries, it is called Maydi and considered the King of Frankincenses. The fragrance of Boswellia frereana is a warm Amber highlighted by honey, spice and light musk notes.

Though Boswellia frereana has a very different chemical composition than other types of Frankincense and contains no Boswellic acids, it is used traditionally as medicine and has been shown in laboratory studies to be anti-inflammatory and able to kill the H. Pylori bacteria that causes gastric ulcers. It is traditionally used to help alleviate Arthritic pain and support healthy joints.

Boswellia Frereana resin is widely used as a high-end chewing gum for oral care, peptic ulcers, and is considered antiseptic and anti-inflammatory for both the gastrointestinal and the urinary tract. It is believed that the body benefits from these therapeutic actions through chewing the raw resin. Maydi has been used in anti-ageing and rejuvenative cosmetic preparations and is believed to reduce wrinkles and add elasticity to mature skin.

Collected by traditional harvester clans and families in the mountains of the Somali Puntland, from often precarious cliff growing trees. It is brought down to the coastal plain on the backs of donkeys to be sorted, packaged and sold. It is often bought up quickly by the Coptic church as their signature incense, and traders from across the Red Sea who sell most of their product to Saudia Arabia and other Arabian countries where it is in great demand as a high end chewing gum and incense material. Frankincense Frereana is so much in demand in these countries that the harvest is often pre-purchased a year in advance to guarantee supply.

For more information about Frankincense Frereana, instructions and recipes for using it in healing oils, salves and cremes, please visit my website at


Materials: Frankincense Frereana, Maydi, Boswellia frereana.

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Michelle Balistreri (Ashburn, US)
Great quality, thank you. O.

Great quality, thank you. O.

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I'm so glad I found this great shop. I kne...

I'm so glad I found this great shop. I knew nothing about frankincense, but Dan's knowledge and wealth of information has changed that. The product quality and service is great!

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Аромат великолепный Так нравится что эти э...

Аромат великолепный
Так нравится что эти эфирные масла так натурально пахнут, и не перегружены и не такие резкие концентрированные как у обычных производителей. Это настоящее магическое соединение человека с природой аромата в чистом виде.

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Another wonderful EO for my collection

Another wonderful EO for my collection

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Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!