Frankincense Rivae Essential Oil

Frankincense Rivae essential oil. I only distilled a small amount of this essential oil, but it is gorgeous!
After an absence of almost two years, this most unusual (and my favourite) Frankincense essential oil is back in the shop.

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Boswellia Rivae breaks the mould and challenges our expectations of the Frankincense family's aromatic profile. The essential oil has a haunting, rich fragrance with a soft sweetness reminiscent of its distant cousin Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens). A deep amber heart, dry woody musk, and a light, sweet spiciness broaden our perspective of this aromatic family of resins.

An added benefit of Frankincense Rivae resin is that it is not tapped for its fragrant resin and instead yields it naturally. This means the species is less likely to suffer from human intervention than other Frankincense types.

The essential oil of Frankincense Rivae is sweeter and spicier than its Frankincense brothers. It is one of the most vibrant Frankincense essential oils I have encountered. It lends itself beautifully to natural perfume work and will be a treasured guest in any perfumer or apothecary's collection.

Frankincense Rivae grows only in the remote Ogaden region of Ethiopia, where it is purchased from harvester co-ops, shipped to North America and eventually arrives in my shop and my still.

Management of natural resources in developing countries is, well, developing...However, with our support, programs and initiatives geared towards conservation, local employment, added value and fair trade, can make a huge difference in the landscape.

Like all others in its family, Boswellia or Frankincense Rivae is ruled by the Sun from an astrological point of view. Thus it is considered warming and strengthening to the heart and mind, grounding, cleansing and spiritually uplifting.

Boswellia, or Frankincense Rivae, is an olfactory treat, a rare and unusual Frankincense that should be in every perfumer and aromatherapists collection.

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Ora (Ashburn, US)
One of the best rivae on the market

One of the best rivae on the market

Ercilia Blanda
I love my oil! It smells good and I recei...

I love my oil! It smells good and I received it pretty quick. I will definitely buy again.

Linda Satterfield
The opportunity to obtain a rare essential...

The opportunity to obtain a rare essential oil from Apothecary's Garden was irresistible, and it's great to be able to compare it to the resin already purchased. The items received always match the shop description, and more than meet my expectations. The service is also excellent, with fast shipping to Australia. An exceptional experience all round, and I'll be back for more.

Amanda Cassin
This shop has provided a wonderful Product...

This shop has provided a wonderful Product, as always!

Jolene Champlin
the frankincense came on time and was pac...

the frankincense came on time and was packed well and what i expected. i will visit this business again. i am not well versed in oils as they are new to me but there is lots of wonderful information and i am learning. thank you