Madagascar Elemi resin

Back in stock! Rare Madagascar Elemi resin. Fairtrade and sustainable. Canarium Madagascariensis.

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Madagascar Elemi resin is a wonderful material for perfume, incense, aromatic/medicated salves, oils and cremes and dissolves easily in alcohol and warm oils.

Named Harami locally, Madagascar Elemi resinis harvested in the wild and used as incense in the Malagasy culture to freshen the house and create an uplifting atmosphere. It is often incorporated in local folk medicine for skin problems.

Due to the semi-liquid consistency of the fresh resin it is traditionally rolled into balls and wrapped with the leaf of a tree until it can keep its shape on its own. (This batch came as a solid gooey brick and not in the shape of balls.)

Madagascar Elemi is more complex in its fragrance profile than the Philippine Elemi we are used to, bringing to mind Somali Frankincense Frereana.

It initially greets one's nose with sweet Lime and Lemon, then gives way to rich honey notes, a hint of Amber and a muskiness reminiscent of animal fur. It makes a sweet and uplifting incense.

Madagascar Elemi Resin is a pure oleoresin containing no water-soluble gum which causes fragrant resins to emit a charred smell on the charcoal. Because it is a pure oleoresin, it will dissolve easily in oils, waxes and fats for producing candles and cosmetic products. Elemi is traditionally used in cosmetic and beauty products and is considered to have anti-ageing and skin-rejuvenating properties.

Last October, we scoured the markets of Sambava and Anthala in northern Madagascar for 2 days to collect enough Harami balls for a distillation of its essential oils. We placed an order with collectors for more. The essential oil is truly heavenly and you can find it here in the shop.

This is an exquisite aromatic resin and I have a limited quantity. Get it while it lasts.


If your resin is sticky, removing it from the plastic wrapper may be difficult. My trick and workaround is to place the bag in the fridge or freezer for 15-30 minutes before separating it from its package. After chilling, it will detach with ease and without leaving any material stuck to the wrapper.

Materials: Canarium Madagascariensis, Madagascar Elemi, Elemi resin.

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Rebecca H (Ashburn, US)
Amazing! I will use this store again. smel...

Amazing! I will use this store again. smells lovely and well packed. cant be better.

Casper (Ashburn, US)
Smells wonderful and was shipped with lots...

Smells wonderful and was shipped with lots of care.

Candice (Ashburn, US)
Excellent quality and quick delivery.

Excellent quality and quick delivery.

Maeve (Ashburn, US)
Thrilled to have more of this back in the...

Thrilled to have more of this back in the jar. This and the Filipino Elemi from AG are two solid favourites.

Ashleigh (Ashburn, US)
Smells like heaven and is super fresh. In...

Smells like heaven and is super fresh. In gratitude!!