Royal Frankincense Balm

Royal Frankincense Balm has the beautiful sweet scent of Royal Green Hojari Frankincense and is loaded with Boswellic acids, this skin and joint-loving Balm is getting a great response from customers, clients and friends.

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It is prepared from pure, whole Royal Green Hojari Frankincense from Oman and the resin extract of Frankincense Dalzielii, which has been shown to contain a much higher percentage of healing Boswellic acids than any other Frankincense type. This is a naturally scented, penetrating and comforting Balm.

Boswellic acids are the recently studied active therapeutic compounds found in some types of Frankincense. Boswellic acids are not found in the essential oil of Frankincense but in its resin which is lost in the distillation process.

By using the whole resin with its natural essential oil, this Balm delivers greater benefits than products that contain only the essential oil of Frankincense. 

For more information about the therapeutic properties of whole Frankincense resin please see my post-

To make your own Oil extract of Frankincense, please find instructions here-


Materials: Royal Frankincense Balm, Whole Frankincense Resin, Royal Green Hojari, Frankincense Dalzielii, Frankincense Sacra, Bees Wax, Jojoba, Frankincense Extract.

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Erin M (Ashburn, US)
received ,all is good, Thank you

received ,all is good, Thank you

Laverne (Ashburn, US)
Using this and great northern ccb daily on...

Using this and great northern ccb daily on lips and nose. Also using it on my granddog's paw pads. We are getting positive results. Winter time is funny. Can't give a rationalization as to why. It works nicely on my paws too. Dan's got skill with this stuff hands down. I will persist in buying and using his creations.

Guy (Ashburn, US)
High quality product! It's really helping...

High quality product! It's really helping my 2 year olds eczema - thank you :)

Lorena (Ashburn, US)
Amazing product! Feel so blessed to have...

Amazing product! Feel so blessed to have it. Think I hit some button on here that messed up my super positive review and made it look like I was unhappy - not at all!!

Arvilla (Ashburn, US)
This is my winter go to for Rheumatoid Art...

This is my winter go to for Rheumatoid Arthritis pain!!! I even shared with my daughter who also suffers from RA pain, and she also uses it on her chillblains. We both love the fragrance along with pain relieving qualities. Excellent product!!!