Skunk Perfume tincture-FS

I have always been intrigued by the odor of Skunk spray. Though more often than not, it is simply too much to digest when met head-on in its full glory, I have wondered at its perfume potential, well diluted and in minute quantities.

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What would it add to my fragrance palette? Could it bring that special something to a fragrance that nothing else would?
Though I haven't gotten around to exploring the full potential of Skunk in natural perfume as much as I would have liked yet, I still keep some in my perfume organ at different dilutions.
It is a promising and intriguing material I look forward to working with further.

Skunks are traditionally trapped for their fur by aboriginal hunters and trappers in North America. Often there is no use for the scent gland. This offers us a way to honor the animal and use a part of it that may otherwise be discarded. It is an available resource that has little value in any market. Its purchase benefits those that work in the wild and who are often the stewards of our wild places and animal populations.
Made with fresh Skunk glands tinctured in alcohol, a minute amount goes a long long way.

I have found the full strength tincture can only be worked with once diluted to at least 1:50 with alcohol.
You will find the pre-diluted tincture here.


Materials: Perfume alcohol, skunk glands.

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Juli M (Ashburn, US)
It is everything I hoped for, and more. I...

It is everything I hoped for, and more. I've already mentioned to Dan and Faye that I did not need to be told or to open the door to see when this tincture arrived in my mailbox. :-@) It is rich, full and hits your nose pretty hard. I am working on making a perfume with it but frankly I need to find a different place to do the initial diluting - if I were to spill it in my apartment, they would have to vacate the entire block.
Excellent turnaround and attention from Apothecary's Garden (as usual), really good communication and understanding of what I was after, and great value delivered. I have another item in hand from them and have others in mind from their store - more tempting than my bank account can handle.
I heartily recommend them and their tinctures, and will certainly return to do business with them again myself.

Lauryn K (Ashburn, US)
Was not as strong as advertised. Scent wen...

Was not as strong as advertised. Scent went away very quickly. Did not deter animals either. Poor quality.

Mohamed (Ashburn, US)
I just have a couple questions how many dr...

I just have a couple questions how many drops do I put by my tree and how long does it last?

Loren (Ashburn, US)
will be buying from this seller again!

will be buying from this seller again!

Myrtie (Ashburn, US)
Received product as advertised. Looking fo...

Received product as advertised. Looking forward to experimenting with this skunk scent.