Palo Santo Essential Oil

This amazing smelling essential oil of Palo Santo is Artisan distilled in Ecuador. It is the most Vivid, Vivacious and Vital version of this essential oil I have ever smelled!!

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Small-batch Artisan distillations often capture compounds, nuances and notes that elude the high-volume industrial distillers. This essential oil is a perfect example. it is rich, robust, bright, complex and deeply nuanced.

Over the years I have experienced Palo Santo essential oil from a variety of wholesalers and retailers. None of which can hold a candle to the radiance of this gem!

The essential oil is distilled from aged Bursera graveolens wood that was ethically and sustainably sourced.

This is a pure essential oil. Nothing has been added to it or removed from it.
As with many wood/resin-sourced essential oils, this essential oil will age well and increase in depth and character over the years. A good investment.

Keep in a shady spot out of direct sunlight.




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Maurine (Ashburn, US)
Very well crafted, obviously highest quali...

Very well crafted, obviously highest quality too! Arrived quickly and well-packaged. Highly recommend this seller!

Seamus (Ashburn, US)
I would highly recommend this palo santo e...

I would highly recommend this palo santo essential oil to anyone who's looking for a quality essential oil. This fragrance is not overwhelming and agrees very well to my particular natural scent. It's perfect for candles, soaps, perfumes or just as a diffuser. I placed this on my pressure points and had no allergic reaction - the oil did not harm my skin. I will be purchasing more of this seller in the future. Thank you!

Connie (Ashburn, US)
Excellent quality. Must buy for future nee...

Excellent quality. Must buy for future needs.

Leta (Ashburn, US)
Very high quality products. I enjoy them....

Very high quality products. I enjoy them. Thanks to the creator!

Velva (Ashburn, US)
A dream come true !

A dream come true !