Siberian Cedar Essential Oil

Siberian Cedar Essential Oil is a one-off distillation of a classic Eastern European resin that I distilled in April 2023.

The fragrance profile of Siberian Cedar Essential Oil is uplifting and soothing. It has some elements of pine, but one is immediately drawn into the complex layers of soft, smooth, powdery sweetness that lead with honey and black pepper.

Siberian Cedar is used extensively for a myriad of therapeutic applications in traditional Russian medicine. (Research traditional applications online).

Even though Siberian Cedar is not actually of the Cedar family but a type of Pine that grows in Siberia, it is called Siberian Cedar by the Siberians and Russians in general. In fact,, all their Pine species are called Cedar which can be a bit confusing, especially to those who are not Russian.

Here is a quote from Wikipedia that explains it
-"The Russian name Сибирский кедр (tr. Sibirsky kedr)[3] is usually translated in English as “Siberian cedar.” References to “cedar” or "dwarf cedar" in texts translated from Russian usually refer to this tree or related pines, not to true cedars"

That being said, Siberian Cedar is not your ordinary Pine tree. It grows abundantly in Russia the Urals, Siberia, and Altai Krai. It is their pride and is considered their national tree. it is woven tightly into local folklore, traditional medicine and mythology. The list of traditional medicinal uses for Siberian Cedar, externally and internally, is truly extensive and not something I can cover here.

Siberian cedar is used as chewing gum to freshen the breath, stimulate and tighten the gums, for sore throat. it has been used as a wound healer, in topical salves used for respiratory distress sore muscles and joints.

Siberian Cedar Essential Oil is ideal when preparing respiratory and muscle rubs.

The large succulent "Pine nuts" provided by these trees are used as food and as medicine for respiratory issues, consumption and for convalescence.
Energetically, Siberian cedar is considered by many to possess ancient intelligence and powerful healing properties due to its high vibrational rate.

A beautiful resin burned on charcoal, Siberian Cedar does not smell like any of our North American Pines but has a unique, sweet, woody, earthy, scent with a hint of musk. The smoke is considered to be a powerful cleanser of space and to raise the energy wherever it is burned.

Often compared to the North American Sequoias, Siberian Cedar is considered the king of the forest and will live for up to 800 years towering above other trees and reaching heights of 40 meters and a girth of 2 meters.

At, you will find recipes for incense, moustache waxes and various healing salves and balms using fresh Pine, Fir or Spruce sap. You will also find instructions for building your own essential oil distillation unit which you can use to distill the essential oils from these oleoresins.


Materials: Essential oil, Siberian Cedar Essential Oil, Artisan Distilled Essential Oil.

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Great Hane (Ashburn, US)
I do like it. I'm really interested in wha...

I do like it. I'm really interested in what the cone oil smells like too...

Ben Schinner (Ashburn, US)
So pleasant, I feel crisp & refreshed when...

So pleasant, I feel crisp & refreshed when I enjoy a moment with this expansive oil. Thank you for providing these quality products :)

Dusya Boyer (Ashburn, US)
I love the dosage and using it on my arm

I love the dosage and using it on my arm

Sarah Powlowski
It really good very pure thank you

It really good very pure thank you

Jessica Beatty
very fast shipping, high quality product!

very fast shipping, high quality product!