Weights and Packaging

Weights in the shop

Since most of our customers are located in the USA, we mainly use Imperial measurements such as Ounces and Pounds for their benefit.

However, unlike many other sellers online, our ounces are not 25 grams, nor are they the exact equivalent in metric units which is 28 grams. Our ounces are always 30 grams and to this generous amount we always add a bit more and never ever a bit less. Everyone that works in the shop knows this-Always add more. Never add less. If you ever come across a product that is less in weight than stated, we will happily exchange it.

Resin Pouches

Most of our resins come in airtight and resealable paper pouches. Resins can be stored in them in a cool dark place for up to a year. If you plan to keep these materials for a longer period of time, I suggest transferring them to a glass jar with a tight lid.

Sticky resins

Many of our resins are fresh and still sticky. It can be challenging to remove them from their pouches. My trick is to place the pouch in the freezer or fridge for 15-30 minutes. After that the resin will separate cleanly and easily from the bag.


We grind most of our materials ourselves so they are always fresh. Powders are packaged in a bag within the pouch to keep them fresh and to make using and restoring them easy.

 Fluid Ounces & Grams

1 Millilitre is about 1/28th of an Ounce.

5 Millilitres is 1/6th Oz.

10 Millilitres is 1/3 Oz.

15 Millilitres is 1/2 Oz.

30 Millilitres is 1 fluid Ounce

Sample sizes

Essential oils- The 1 Millilitre size is a SAMPLE and it is quite a small amount. There is simply no way around it. While it is perfect for getting an idea of what an essence smells like, it is usually not a useful amount when formulating. You will find that the next size up is usually discounted in price i.e.: 1 Millilitre may be $9.00 but 5 Millilitres will be closer to $35.00 and not $45.00.

We use 2 types of 1 Millilitre containers. 

  • Long thin tubes with caps that are a struggle to work with, but will accommodate our labels.
  • Small jars with an insert and a screw-on cap. The drawback to these jars is that they do not accommodate our labels and we affix the labels to the small Ziploc bag the sample comes in. If you prefer a 1 Millilitre jar to a vial, let us know in your order notes.