Ambergris Tincture

Ambergris Tincture 5% and 10%

It has dark tobacco and sweet marine notes wrapped in a dry animalic musk. It has a hint of mint and is void of the fecal notes often associated with dark Ambergris. Instead, it exhibits a layer of soft warm animal fur.

Ambergris is rare natural ingredient used in perfume and medicine for thousands of years.
Ambergris is one of those classic mystical ingredients that we find revered and referred to in many ancient texts and cultures.
Expelled through excretion or emesis by the Sperm whale, (depends whom you ask), Ambergris is thought to form in the digestive tract as a response to the irritation of residual squid beaks and cuttlefish bones which the whale cannot digest.

With the aid of a waxy compound produced in the whale's bile duct, a substance is created which coats the irritants and builds up in layers over the irritants. These layers are one of the indicators of real Ambergris. (Many materials that look similar to ambergris are regularly found on oceanic beaches around the world).
Once Ambergris exits the whale it can float on the ocean for years and lie undiscovered on a beach for decades.

Ambergris has been used as medicine and in food, it is considered an aphrodisiac in many cultures and of course, it has been a key ingredient in the creation of perfume and incense for thousands of years.

Like other natural animalic fragrance compounds, the magic and power of Ambergris lie not in the physical olfactory strength of its aroma.
Ambergris does not have an intense fragrance and does not transform a perfume by simply contributing its aroma proportionally to a blend. Instead, it operates in a less obvious and covert manner, as if anchored in the interstices of aroma, rounding out or pulling together a bouquet from underneath, or inside. It adds depth, tenacity and extra dimension to compositions by means of a mechanism that is not well understood.

Ambergris is most often used in an alcohol tincture at a very low 1% to 3%.

Typically, a tincture of Ambergris will be left to macerate at least 6 months before it is considered ready to filter and use.
To a great degree, all animalics work on the principle of more is less.

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Materials: Ambergris, 95 percent Ethanol.

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Elizabeth Kautzer
You can always count on Dan for the best q...

You can always count on Dan for the best quality and trust in his materials. Thank you!

Martin Bins
I really don't know exactly how old this i...

I really don't know exactly how old this infusion tincture is but it smelled more benzoin than ambergris. Any ambergris scent (if I ever had any) seems like is long and only the alcoholic tincture remains. Disappointed given the 245.00 paid.

M Prosacco
I can always buy from Dan with confidence....

I can always buy from Dan with confidence. His products are genuine and great quality, and his customer service is above and beyond.

Phoenix Brekke
Great quality. Not too strong and able to...

Great quality. Not too strong and able to be used in small batch perfumery projects

Wanda Abshire
Fantastic! Just as described and packaged...

Fantastic! Just as described and packaged very well. Will order again!