St. John's Wort-Spruce Rub

Spruce Muscle Rub with Spruce Sap & Saint John's Wort Oil is specific for sore, stiff muscles and joints, nerve pain and inflammation. 

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Made with specially prepared fresh St. John’s Wort flowers, harvested and processed proprietary based on traditional alchemical methods, and whole fresh, locally harvested sap from Fir, Spruce and Pine trees, known for their anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxing properties.

I have found this combination of natural ingredients in my Spruce Muscle Rub creates a powerful synergy and a product that is greater than its parts. One of the secrets to the efficacy of our Spruce Muscle Rub is our use of whole oleo-resins, and not just the essential oil component of these tree saps.

Many valuable medicinal components are usually discarded after the extraction of essential oils, their healing properties unrecognized. I have found a natural synergy in the whole oleo resin as it occurs in nature, a synergy that carries over into healing balms and oils.

The infused and extracted oil of St. John’s Wort flowers is famous for its affinity with the nervous system, making it an ideal base for a Muscle Rub. Whole resins and essential oils from spruce, fir and pine are well known for their ability to penetrate and relax muscles. All in all, an excellent treatment for sports-related or traumatic injuries, chronic and age-related aches and pains or minor stiffness and achiness.


Materials:  Spruce Muscle Rub, essential oils of nutmeg, clove, pepper, rosemary, beeswax, Astrodynamically prepared St Johns Wort Oil, Vitamin E, Saint Johns Wort Oil, Spruce sap, Pine sap.

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Erin M (Ashburn, US)
All is good, Thank you !

All is good, Thank you !

Odessa (Ashburn, US)
Haven't used it a ton, but so far it's bee...

Haven't used it a ton, but so far it's been working really well ^_^

Alexa Turner (Ashburn, US)
Tolle Salbe Schmerz weg !

Tolle Salbe Schmerz weg !

Eunice (Ashburn, US)
Perfect! Fast, I recommended this seller !

Perfect! Fast, I recommended this seller !

Nelson (Ashburn, US)
Nice massage balm. Mild, smooth. There's d...

Nice massage balm. Mild, smooth. There's definitely stronger pain relief products out there, but this one is pleasant.