Costus Root Powder

Fresh powdered Costus root-Saussurea Costus. Used extensively in incense, perfume and traditional medicine.

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Customers have been raving about the fragrance and quality of our Costus root, but some have found it challenging to powder it at home. So we did it for you.

I always prefer to powder my own ingredients.
Because when you purchase pre-powdered material,you never know what is really in the bag. Sometimes it is adulterated with less expensive or sub-standard material such as old or very small pieces and dust from the bottom of bags that has lost much of it's fragrance and potency.
Even though you may be buying from an honest and reliable retailer, materials often pass through the hands of numerous middlemen and brokers before they reach your supplier and your trusted seller may have no idea of the material's history or quality. Especially when reselling the less common materials.

Costus root is one of the few Botanical ingredients that come close to the aroma of an animalic ingredient, Costus root has a beautiful, musky, tenacious soft scent that is similar to that of warm animal fur.
I adore the fragrance of Costus. To me is reminiscent of the smell of one's lover in the morning. I find it very soothing and grounding.

Costus root, called "Kosht" in the Old Testament, is another one of the ingredients used in the Sacred Jewish incense, "Ketoreth" used in the time of the First and Second Temples.

Aromatic artist Justine Crane from "The Scented Djinn" produces a wonderful incense she named "The Ram" based on the Costus root. This has been my favourite incense to burn at home for a few years now. If I haven't purchased all of it you will find it in her Etsy shop here-

Costus root not only adds an animalic musk note to perfume blends, it also acts as a fixative. The powdered root can be used to prepare a perfume tincture when macerated in 95% alcohol. I suggest leaving it in a warmish place for at least 4 weeks before straining through a paper coffee filter and storing it in an airtight container in a cool dark place.


Materials: Sausurea Costus, Costus.

Customer Reviews

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Alla Gusikowski (Ashburn, US)
Costus root powder-fresh. Thank you.

Costus root powder-fresh. Thank you.

Shukran Schumm
High quality costus roots. Good in perfume...

High quality costus roots. Good in perfume blending as well. When u use it and tincture it, you will notice how it start to evolve within the solution within few hours. Good potent stuff in perfumery

Sita Mcclure
The scent is very unique and very groundin...

The scent is very unique and very grounding. This powder smells warm, earthy, and leather like with animalic notes. It smells absolutely amazing

Stephanie Oberbrunner
Very interesting smell! Musky and beautifu...

Very interesting smell! Musky and beautiful! 💚💚💚

Ian Gaylord
I ordered this randomly. I used it in a he...

I ordered this randomly. I used it in a heater. It has a nice warm, fresh baked scent. Reminds me of Thanksgiving scented candles with a more earthy nature smell.